100 Days of Bilingualism – Week Ten

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100 Days of Bilingualism

Welcome back to 100 Days of Bilingualism!

Each Monday you will receive a week’s worth of multilingual activities that you can do at home with your children. Not only will it be fun for your entire bilingual family, it will boost your children’s bilingualism into the stratosphere!

Maria, a former school teacher who is currently homeschooling her four children in Spanish and English, is your 100 Days of Bilingualism guide. She loves to hear from you, so please leave comments about your own 100 days journey along the way!

In case you missed the previous posts, click here to read all of the 100 Days of Bilingualism posts.

Without further ado, let us pass things over to Maria who will lead you through another week of fantastic multilingual fun and activities…

Week 10: Nov. 12 – Nov. 16

We are at the half point!

Hard to believe that this weeks gets us to day 50 of our journey already.  This week we will start thinking about all we have to be thankful for in our lives, big and small.  This is a theme we will keep working with next week so I hope you can get in the thanksgiving spirit with me.  We’ll get ready for winter with some winter words and think about emergency preparedness for our writing this week.

I hope you have enjoyed these last 10 weeks and look forward to 10 more weeks of ways to spend time having fun and working on our language.  Stay warm!


Materials for the week:

  1. daily three (number line, 100 jar, 100 day grid)
  2. prepared journals
  3. printed 100 word book page (one for each child)
  4. 100 piece puzzle (for younger kids: several smaller puzzles adding up to 100 pieces total)
  5. 100 squares of paper 2×2 or larger at least 10 white pieces for each child and the rest can be colored.
  6. glue
  7. markers, colored pencils, crayons, pencils


Monday – 100 day journal

Journal week 10:  If you were stuck in your house for 100 days and could not leave what 10 things would you be most thankful to have?  Why?  Who would you want to be stuck in your house with?

This is a great excuse to talk about emergency preparedness as winter inches closer. What kinds of things do your kids think of?  What would you add if you were making the list?  Why?  Great topic to talk through before or after writing to boost language and to be prepared!


Tuesday – Creating/Art Activity– 100 piece thankful quilt

I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving which puts the focus on thinking of all that you have to be thankful for in your life.  Some years the list may come easily while during other years it may take a bit more work. I am a firm believer that it is important to always be able to find something to appreciate in your life.  Today we will take that frame of mind to make a thankful quilt and use lots of appreciative vocabulary.

  • take some time to think/talk about what you are thankful for in your lives
  • have each person decorate 10 white squares with a picture of someone or something they are thankful for
  • Add up all the white squares (this will vary by family) and subtract that number from 100.
  • The answer will be how many more colored or patterned paper squares you need to complete your 100 quilt
  • Once you have the 100 squares carefully paste them together in a 10×10 grid to form a rough square (you can paste them onto a larger poster board or paper depending on the size of your small squares or just glue the edges together)
  • Let dry and then find a place to display this thankful work of art


Wednesday – Get Moving Activity – 100 yard walk

Even though every day I wake up and notice winter feels just a bit closer, we still try to get outside and move around even in the cold as much as possible.  Today lets see if we can all bundle up and make it 100 yards!

If you can go out and measure about how far you need to go from your house to get to 100 yards ahead of time it would help you have an idea of what to prepare for.  Talk with your kids before hand and decide how you will measure:

  • Will you measure the block and estimate?
  • Will you step it out and estimate?
  • Will you take a tape measure and be exact?


Thursday – 100 word book – 5 words for cold weather

We’ll stay on topic and choose 5 words for cold weather to add to our collection.

Here are ours for the week (in Spanish: cinco palabras para el clima frío):

aguanieve – sleet
viento helado – icy wind
escarcha – frost
ventisca – snowstorm
niebla helada – freezing fog


Friday – Exploration – 100 piece puzzle

Depending on the make up of your family you can decide if it is best to have each child complete her own puzzle or if you will all work together.  

Set aside some time to relax and put together a 100 piece puzzle (or several puzzles of less pieces if that is a better fit for your child’s ability).  Remember to fill your time with lots of language while you are making the puzzle.  This is a great activity to bring in vocabulary that focuses on descriptive words and you can even choose a puzzle with a theme that fits any vocabulary you think could use some practice right now for your family.

Have fun with this relaxing excuse to do lots of fun talking with your kids to finish up the week!



We hope you enjoy this week of 100 Days of Bilingualism!

Remember that we are doing this with our children right along with you, so we encourage you to share your thoughts, questions and experiences in the comments section each week. It is so much fun to hear from you!

Let me know if you have any questions about activities during this (or previous) weeks. We hope that you set up things during the preparation week – it will make your 100 days move along smoothly and enjoyably.

Stay tuned for our next post on Monday next week. It will be filled with another week of activities for our 100 Days of Bilingualism event.

Maria Hawkins grew up in New Mexico immersed in both Spanish and English. She has her National Teacher Certification in early childhood education and has taught in both bilingual and monolingual public schools. She currently keeps busy homeschooling her three bilingual children, teaching weekly Spanish classes for kids, and leading a Spanish Playgroup to support local bilingual families.

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