100 Days of Bilingualism – Week Six

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100 Days of Bilingualism

Welcome back to 100 Days of Bilingualism!

Each Monday you will receive a week’s worth of multilingual activities that you can do at home with your children. Not only will it be fun for your entire bilingual family, it will boost your children’s bilingualism into the stratosphere!

Maria, a former school teacher who is currently homeschooling her four children in Spanish and English, is your 100 Days of Bilingualism guide. She loves to hear from you, so please leave comments about your own 100 days journey along the way!

In case you missed the previous posts, click here to read all of the 100 Days of Bilingualism posts.

Without further ado, let us pass things over to Maria who will lead you through another week of fantastic multilingual fun and activities…

Week 6: October 15-19

Welcome to days 26-30 of our learning countdown!

You should see your grids and jars filling up and I hope the 100 day project has become a fun addition to your fall routine!

This week has us going outside, making a fall leaf collection and doing a little urban planning.  Remember that each activity is an excuse to practice counting, spend time together in your language, and maybe focus on vocabulary and expressions that don’t happen into everyday conversation.  And, most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Materials for the week:

  1. daily three (number line, 100 jar, 100 day grid)
  2. prepared journals
  3. printed 100 word book page (one for each child)
  4. stop watch/clock with a second hand
  5. toothpicks
  6. glue
  7. sturdy cardboard (about 5×5 for each child)
  8. markers

Monday – 100 day journal

Journal week 6:  Imagine you had to design a park that would last for 100 years.  What would your park include?  What would it look like?  Do you think kids would like to play there?

As always use this journal time to really practice your language and tease out words you might not use in your day to day conversation.  Encourage your child to use her imagination and remind her that there is no correct answer.  Help her look up words if you need to and remember that the focus is on the process, not the product.


Tuesday – Creating/Art Activity – 100 toothpick creation

The 5×5 cardboard will be the background for an open-ended toothpick creation.

Give each child 100 toothpicks and glue.  They are free to decide whether they will make a scene or just create a design.  They key today is to use all 100 pieces in one creation.

This is a good day to talk about design, practice counting and enjoy some creativity.  Once the pieces have dried use your markers if you would like to add a little color.


Wednesday – Get Moving Activity – 10×10 sidewalk races

Today is an excuse to get outside and get your body moving, at least for a few minutes, even if its cold out.  

  • Find a nice long stretch of sidewalk in your neighborhood and draw a starting line.
  • Use your stop watches to time 10 ten-second races.
  • Mark each finish point with the number of the race.
  • When all 10 races are finished take a step back and see how races 1 to 10 compare.  Did you get faster or slower as you raced more?
  • Decide if one round was enough for you or if you are ready for another 10×10!


Thursday – 100 word book – Park words

This week think about 5 words that you use at the park.  Find five things at the park that are new for you or five activities you do at the park that you want to add to your vocabulary page.

Here are our family’s words for the week (in Spanish):

El parque – the park
el tirolina – the zipline
pilla-pilla – tag
el tiovivo – the carousel
carreras – races
el tobogán – the slide

Friday – Exploration – 100 leaf collection

Today we put on our warm clothes and head outside for a fall leaf collection.

  • Decide as a family whether you are best off walking around the neighborhood or heading to a nearby park for this activity.
  • The goal of today is to collect 100 leaves to use for an activity next week.
  • As you are collecting the leaves practice your fall vocabulary and use those number words to practice counting to 100.

Happy counting!


We hope you enjoy this week of 100 Days of Bilingualism!

Remember that we are doing this with our children right along with you, so we encourage you to share your thoughts, questions and experiences in the comments section each week. It is so much fun to hear from you!

Let me know if you have any questions about activities during this (or previous) weeks. We hope that you set up things during the preparation week – it will make your 100 days move along smoothly and enjoyably.

Stay tuned for our next post on Monday next week. It will be filled with another week of activities for our 100 Days of Bilingualism event.

Maria Hawkins grew up in New Mexico immersed in both Spanish and English. She has her National Teacher Certification in early childhood education and has taught in both bilingual and monolingual public schools. She currently keeps busy homeschooling her three bilingual children, teaching weekly Spanish classes for kids, and leading a Spanish Playgroup to support local bilingual families.

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