Ultralingua Language Dictionary Apps – A Review

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Ultralingua Language Dictionary Apps - A ReviewBefore we headed off to Germany last month to visit my husband’s family, Ultralingua contacted me about their new language dictionaries for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. What perfect timing!

We had just purchased an iPad for our trip to Germany and I was delighted to have the opportunity to use it with the Ultralingua German-English dictionary for our month abroad. I used the app constantly while reading magazines, newspapers and a novel that I purchased in Germany titled Die Dienstagsfrauen, by Monika Peetz.

My German language skills are at a fairly advanced level which means that my dictionary needs are quite demanding: many dictionaries fail to contain enough words to meet the rigorous needs of more advanced language learners. Despite this, I was delighted to find that almost all of the words I looked up during my month-long visit to Germany were in the Ultralingual German-English dictionary.


Below are some of the many features of the Ultralingua language dictionaries: 

  • No Need for Internet: The benefit of using the Ultralingua dictionary app is that the user doesn’t have any need to access the internet. I didn’t realize how important this was until we headed to the island of Sylt for a week without internet access. Without the Ultralingual dictionary, I wouldn’t have been able to look up words while reading my novel and magazines.
  • Common Expressions: In addition to providing single words, the Ultralingua dictionary apps also include common expressions. This feature was extremely useful for me since I often want more than just a single word definition. For more advanced language users like me, this feature is invaluable.
  • Verb Conjugations: Another highlight of the Ultralingua language dictionary apps is the option to view full verb conjugations. With the click of a button, the user can see an extensive conjugation of any verb listed in the Ultralingual dictionary. My children have been delighted to utilize this feature while doing their German homeschooling work.
  • Bi-directional Look-up: Although I mainly searched for words in German, it is very easy for the user to click one button at the top of the screen to switch things around. I am certain that I will be using this feature more often now that we are back in the USA.
  • Favorites: Very often I look up a word and wish that I could review it again in the future. This is easy to do with the Ultralingua dictionaries: By clicking on the star to the right of the word, it will be stored as a “favorite.” To see the full list of these words, all it takes is one click on the “favorites” button to the left of the dictionary. I found this feature to be extremely useful – and fun!
  • Most Recent: In addition to the “favorites” list, the user can also see a generic list of words that have been searched for (the most recent at the top of the list). I didn’t use this feature a lot but can see how it could be extremely useful.
  • Did You Mean?: A new addition to the most recent version of the Ultralingua dictionary app is the Did You Mean?  feature. It helps the user find the exact work that is being searched for. Not only is it possible that we mistype while entering a word, we often can’t remember how, exactly, a word is spelled. The Did You Mean?  feature helps us through this step so that we can more easily find the word we are looking for. It is a great feature that I used quite a bit.

The Whole Family

The Ultralingua dictionary has certainly helped get my children more involved in their German language practice. As bilingual homeschoolers, having a digital dictionary at easy reach has been invaluable. Since I am not a native German speaker, my children and I are continually learning new words together while reading books or watching movies. The benefit of the Ultralingua app is that my children actually look forward to looking up words while I read books to them out loud or while they read books on their own.

My children take a Spanish class once a week. We were delighted to also be able to try out the Ultralingua Spanish-English dictionary app. It worked just like the German-English dictionary which was great since it meant that we could seamlessly switch back and forth between dictionaries. Every word we searched for was contained in the Spanish-English Ultralingua dictionary and my children look forward to using it even more when they are back in Spanish class again.


The look, layout and feel of the Ultralingua dictionary apps are excellent. They are sleek and clean and don’t distract the user with annoying colors, buttons or additional items that ultimately frustrate rather than help the user.

Using the Ultralingual dictionary apps is a pleasure. It is a joy to use and has become an integral part of my language learning. My only complaint thus far is my difficulty in dislodging our family’s iPad from my children’s hands. Perhaps this will be a good enough reason to get my very own personal iPad at some point down the road.

Ultralingua Language Dictionary Apps - A Review

More Information

Below is more information about the German-English dictionary, taken directly from the Ultralingua website:

  • German and English conjugations for thousands of verbs are built into this app, so accurate conjugations are always at your fingertips.
  • Instant search results display the word you need along with related words and similar spellings, fast.
  • Tap any word in the dictionary results to conjugate it, or send it to Google for usage examples.
  • Browse through recent look-ups in the history view to jump back to a previous search quickly.
  • Translate numerals into German and English text.

Because it’s a universal app, you can load it onto all of your iOS devices without making multiple purchases.

No matter which version of our German-English dictionary software you choose, you’ll have access to the same exhaustive dictionary and verb data. This German-English translation dictionary includes reliable features and content:

  • 95,000 entries with 295,000 translations
  • IPA pronunciation for many words
  • Parts of speech
  • German noun genders
  • Example phrases, idioms, and expressions
  • Geographic vocabulary and other proper nouns
  • Hundreds of grammar and usage explanation notes

The Ultralingua conjugations included in these products are available for thousands of regular and irregular German and English verbs. German verbs are conjugated into fourteen standard tenses, and English verbs into twelve. You’ll always find the conjugation you need.


I highly recommend the Ultralingua dictionary apps. They are solid, comprehensive and are a pleasure to use.

Please check out the Ultralingua website to view the long list of language options available.

We would like to thank Ultralingua for being a Multilingual Living sponsor.

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1 Beth Ortuño September 26, 2012 at 2:26 pm

I see their offerings include a German-Spanish dictionary. This would be quite helpful for us. And I frequently want to look up things where there is no wifi!
Seeing your glowing review, perhaps this is just the thing I need — use 1 interface / app that works well, and get rid of my collection of free apps that aren’t really adequate and even at that, only work while on wifi.


2 Corey September 26, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Yes, Beth, you hit on the main elements that I adore about this dictionary app! The lack of wifi was something I honestly didn’t think about until I was confronted with it… and wow, I didn’t realize how great it was to still have the dictionary without it.

And the fact that they have a German-Spanish dictionary – that is just so cool! So often the only options are something plus English. Also, I didn’t go into detail about the ease of switching between different dictionaries but maybe I should have: Since we purchased both the Spanish-English and German-English dictionaries, they both were available to the left of the app so it was a snap to just click on the one that we wanted. I loved that!! No needing to open a separate app for a new dictionary! And even though it seemed kind of odd at first, I really liked the fact that the “favorites” that I chose from each dictionary were listed together when I clicked on the “favorites” list to the left. Talk about being truly beneficial for a multilingual family!

My main appreciation is how simple yet powerful the dictionary is to use. I can’t stand those apps that try to bowl us over with too much glitz and extra colors and whatnot – so the Ultralingua one was perfect for my aesthetics. And I really appreciate that the dictionary includes more than just words: We just used it again today while my son was doing is German lessons. There was a word that neither of us knew and so we looked it up and not only was the word there, but the full expression was there – which was important since the word in context made all the difference!

I will admit that I haven’t tried out a lot of dictionary apps (we just got our iPad a month ago) so I can’t give a comprehensive analysis based on what is out there. All I can report is that this one is doing a great job of meeting our needs and I really enjoy using it each day.

Let me know what you end up going with and what your impressions are! I always appreciate hearing other people’s opinions!


3 Courtney September 27, 2012 at 8:15 am

The dictionary app looks really good. Unfortunately, they have Esperanto and Klingon, but not KOREAN! Very sad…


4 Andrew September 29, 2012 at 4:26 pm

I keep having people bug me to either tell them what I think about an app or I get app-makers bugging me to evaluate and post about them.

I can’t because I don’t have a smart phone, hahahaha (nope, don’t have a tablet either).

I do need to get a smartphone though, it would probably be very useful. For people like me, though, Franklin makes some nice portable electronic dictionaries, I have the Spanish one and it’s very good.



5 Pham October 26, 2012 at 6:48 am

Because of these language apps available for us the world is getting smaller and people get closer to each other. What was the most astounding German word you encountered in your journey? I hope you enjoyed your trip there.



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