Language Challenge 180: Week 24

by Corey

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Welcome to Week 24 !

If you missed the activities these last few weeks, go to the Weekly Activity Page and click on the activities you missed. (Remember: if you aren’t yet signed up, then do so at the link at the top of this page!)

Please keep sharing resources, support and suggestions at the Language Challenge 180 language pages! The more information you can add there, the better! And don’t forget the Multilingual Living Forum where you can ask questions and share information.

Time to Reflect and Assess

As things come to an end with Language Challenge 180, it is time to look back on what we accomplished these past 6 months. It is an important part of the process and is essential for helping move ahead in our language learning. It gives us a chance to analyze what worked and didn’t work. But it is also a chance to regroup and get focused again.

It is helpful to compare language learning to diets. There are lots of fad diets out there but even though you might be able to lose some weight fast with some of them, the ones that are lasting and have the best long-term results are the ones that require us to make lifestyle changes. To have lasting results, we have to change our habits for good, not just for a few days or weeks. 

In terms of our nutrition, we know we shouldn’t overdo it with sugary foods. They are packed with empty calories that do very little for our health. However, indulging in sugary foods now and then is fine. In fact, denying ourselves completely can really backfire in the long run. They key is finding the self-control and balance to indulge from time to time with cautious attentiveness.

Language learning requires the same kind of careful attention if we want to be successful. We need to find a way to make language learning part of our/our children’s lives in daily, natural ways. The more natural and comfortable, the better. And intensive language-learning class can be great at the beginning to jump-start things but ultimately we need to find ways to make language learning take place each day/week in our lives.

The process of making language learning a daily adventure may feel difficult and uncomfortable at first. Reading a book in the target language out loud to your children in the evening may not always be your idea of pleasure, but do it for a few weeks and you won’t remember what life was like before. Exchange CDs in your car for ones in your target language. Watch movies in the target language instead of the community language.

To help you move forward, do this week’s activity. It will help you reflect on what has worked (and not worked) these past few months for you and/or your children. It will also help you move ahead for the next days, months, years your/your children’s language learning!

This Week’s Activity:

  • Individuals and/or Parents:
    This week you are going to reflect on these past 6 months of language learning.

    Note: Rather than give you something to download and print, we decided to put it directly into this post. Feel free to copy and paste the information below into a doc and print it out.

    Language Challenge 180: REFLECTION

    1) Write down the language-learning resources that you used the most for yourself/your children during these past 6 months.

    2) Of the language-learning resources above, write down the ones that you enjoyed using the most.

    3) How many hours a day/week were you/your children exposed to the target language (or work on learning the language)?

    4) Overall, how do you feel about the language learning that took place these past 6 months (for you and/or your children)? Describe how you feel:

    5) What would you have changed these past 6 months if you could do Language Challenge 180 over again (for yourself and/or your children)?

    6) What would you like to do differently in the future when working on your/your children’s target language?

    7) In one word, how would you describe your Language Challenge 180 experience overall (for you and/or your children)?

We’d love it if you’d share your thoughts in the comments below! You don’t have to tell us your answers to each question. Just share what you feel like sharing.

Next week’s post will be our last Language Challenge 180 post.  Sniff, sniff. We will give you some final thoughts on language learning and send you off with a bang.

Happy Language Learning!

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