Language Challenge 180: Week 19 Check In

by Corey

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No More Check-Ins

From here on out we won’t have anymore check-ins for Language Challenge 180 (until the final week).

Is this because I think check-ins are useless? No way!

On the contrary, I think that checking in each week is an extremely valuable part of our language learning process. It can help us stay motivated and encouraged.

Whether you are raising your children multilingually, learning a new language yourself or helping your children learn a language you don’t even know, checking in each week to assess progress is extremely helpful! At the very least, it helps us set and meet goals.

The reason we won’t have more check-ins during Language Challenge 180 is because I think it is important that we now start to do weekly assessments ourselves. To continue with language learning after Language Challenge 180, we should make sure that we have the rhythm in place now.

Doing your own weekly check-ins is one way of making sure you stick with this down the road (for yourself and/or your children). How you go about doing your check-ins will be something that you and/or your family figure out. Pick out something that works for you: Writing down what you did for the week, sending an email to your friend with an outline of what you did with your children that week, or keeping track in an excel spreadsheet are some ideas. Whatever you do, make it easy to update and something that will encourage you to stay on track.

However, we will still have giveaways for those who signed up for Language Challenge 180. And we will still have weekly emails to help you stay on track each week.

Stay tuned for the next weekly post tomorrow.

Stay Involved

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