Language Challenge 180: Week 18 Email

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Dear Language Challenge 180 Friends,

I can’t believe we are at the beginning of July! Where is the time rushing off to? We are heading to Germany in a month and a half and I just can’t believe it. I can’t wait, yet I also feel like I am so unprepared, especially with my language learning. Help!

The good news is that I do have my language-learning resources in order and I am still plodding along each day. I read a lot. I watch lots of German films. I write a lot. I speak with my children and husband in German as much as I can. So even though I still make many mistakes in the language, I know that I am doing everything I can. That is all we can hope for!

After 17 weeks of Language Challenge 180, I hope that you too have found your rhythm for yourself/your children. Let’s make sure we are on a roll for the final weeks of this great adventure! Don’t forget to check in from last week and to enter our latest giveaway!


This Week’s Activity: Write down 1-3… that’s all! So simple!


Easy access to all Language Challenge 180 pages: Go to, and click on the Language Challenge 180 logo. You will be all set!

Missed the first few weeks? You can read all of our emails so far at our Multilingual Living Email page: .

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Chat with you again soon!

Live Multilingually!

Corey Heller

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