Language Challenge 180: Week 14 Check-In Email

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Dear Language Challenge 180 Friends,

Wow! So many of you did it! You took the cold plunge and made videos of yourself and/or your children speaking the target language. It made some of you squirm but that is the point. Now you can go on your merry way. You faced that big challenge! It is hard (even in our native language) so please give yourself a big pat on the back!


Without further ado… Here is today’s Check-In Activity and a fantastic language learning program that your children will love:


Easy access to all Language Challenge 180 pages: Go to, look to the right of the main post and click on the Language Challenge 180 logo. Follow the links to find language pages, checking pages and more!

Missed a Language Challenge 180 email? You can find all of our emails here:

Your Language Pages: Make sure to keep the conversation going at your target language pages:


See you again next week with another Language Challenge 180 email!

Corey Heller

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