Fun Ways to Keep Your Bilingual Children Bilingual

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Fun Ways to Keep Your Bilingual Children Bilingual

By Susanna Zaraysky
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Even if our children start off bilingual, it can be hard to keep this going as they grow up. In the video interview below, Aaron Myers, an expat from the US who has been raising two children in Istanbul for over four years, gives us tips and advice about how to raise our kids in a different country and maintain two languages: 

Do you practice any of these tips and suggestions with your bilingual children? What have you found works best in helping your bilingual children stay bilingual?


Susanna Zaraysky speaks seven languages (English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Serbo-Croatian) with excellent accents because she learns languages like she learns music. She has also studied Hungarian, Hebrew and Arabic. After teaching English in Argentina, Bosnia and the United States, she realized how to make foreign language learning fun and easy through listening exercises and music and wrote the book, Language is Music.

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