Language Challenge 180: Week 7 Check-In Email

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Dear Language Challenge 180 Friends,

How was it getting back into the swing of things? Did you get some writing done this week? At least a little bit? The amazing thing about writing is that when you do it continually, it helps both your written AND spoken language skills. Honestly!


Without further ado… Here is today’s Check-In Activity and our seventh giveaway for a $40 gift certificate (there is only ONE of these giveaways, so make sure to enter today!):



Congratulations to Wendy who won the Week 6 giveaway! Thank you everyone for entering! Keep entering the giveaways that you are most interested in! The chances are high that you will win something along the way!

Easy access to all Language Challenge 180 pages: Go to, look to the right of the main post and click on the Language Challenge 180 logo. Follow the links to find language pages, checking pages and more!


Missed the first Language Challenge 180 emails? You can find all of our emails here:


See you again on Monday with another fun email!

Corey Heller

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