Language Challenge 180: Week 5 Check-In Email

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Dear Language Challenge 180 Friends,

Wow, we have made it through 5 weeks of language learning! Fantastic! However, many of you/your children are also losing motivation. Don’t worry! This is normal and part of the process. Next week we are going to solve this with some unexpected solutions!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s language learning post about how to keep language(s) alive even when no one around us speaks them! If not, read it right now. It will tell you (1) what you need to replace and (2) tips on what to replace it with: Stay tuned for another language learning post on Monday.

Admit it, you use your bilingualism in devilish ways, don’t you? Suze admits to being pretty devilish this week in her post “Bilingualism Brings out the Devil”: You will love it!



Without further ado… Here is today’s Check-In Activity and our fifth giveaway for a fabulous CD:



Congratulations to Celia who won the Week 4 giveaway! Thank you everyone for entering each week! You will definitely enjoy this week’s giveaway question!

Easy access to all Language Challenge 180 pages: Go to, look to the right of the main post and click on the Language Challenge 180 logo. You will be all set!

Missed the first Language Challenge 180 emails? You can find all of our emails here:


See you again on Monday with an important email about lack of motivation in us/our children and how to solve it!

Corey Heller

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