Language Challenge 180: Week 4 Check-In Email

by Corey

Dear Language Challenge 180 Friends,

Another great week of language learning! Thank you everyone for all of your comments this week!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s language leanring post about how to incorporate in 10 minutes of learning throughout the day. So many great tips: Stay tuned for another language learning post on Monday.

Are you a pill-popper? When I become ill, I often am! However, what about turning to som multicultural remedies instead? Wednesday’s post gives us some insight into this as well as some tips to keep us away from the pill jar:



Without further ado… Here is today’s Check-In Activity and our fourth GIVEAWAY:



Congratulations to Bob who won the Week 2 giveaway and to Sarlota who won the Week 3 giveaway! Thank you everyone for entering each week! You will all enjoy this week’s giveaway!

Easy access to all Language Challenge 180 pages: Go to, look to the right of the main post and click on the Language Challenge 180 logo. You will be all set!

Missed the first Language Challenge 180 emails? You can find all of our emails here:


See you again on Monday with a new set of activities for the week! In the meantime, please feel free to reply to this email and let us know what you like/don’t like about Language Challenge 180 so far. We’ll do what we can to make requested changes.

Corey Heller

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