Language Challenge 180: Weekly Activities

by Corey

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Below are the links to the Language Challenge 180 Weekly Activity Pages. Each Monday you will receive an email prompting you to check out the corresponding week’s tips, activities, and more.

Please make it a point to read through each week’s activity page. Even if you are working steadily on a specific language program, the pages will help motivate you to stay on track and just might provide you with a tip you hadn’t thought about before.

In the weekly activity pages, we encourage you to feel free to share highlights, frustrations, general tips, insights and more that came up the week before. Use any language you want when you write your comments – native or non-native! We want you to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and experiences!

Please be kind to one another! You are expected to always be respectful in what you write.

NOTE: If you have weekly comments, suggestions, recommendations and more that are related to a specific language, please write those in the comment section of the specific language pages.

For language-specific comments, please add them in the comment section of the target language at the Language Challenge 180: Language Page.


We hope you will share comments, experiences, concerns, tips and more in the comment section below! The more we share with one another, the more we will be motivated to continue!

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