Language Challenge 180: Hungarian

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This is the Language Challenge 180 page for Hungarian. If you are working on this language, please leave a comment below letting other speakers know a little about you and your language skills. Also tell us who will be working on this language (you, your child, etc.) and what you hope to achieve.

Please leave comments with resources that you recommend in this language (online language learning, fun websites, good books in the language, online TV programming, audio programs, online stores where products in the language can be purchased, etc.).

We’ll be updating this page based on the suggestions you make in the comments section below – so add a comment today!


  • Coming soon! Tell us what resources you recommend for learning this language (in the comment section below) and we will add them here!

This page is for Language Challenge 180 participants only. Sign up now to join this event!

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1 Zsofia March 5, 2012 at 5:34 am

I am working on my Hungarian with my two children (2 and 4) and my niece who I babysit weekdays (2). I speak Hungarian fairly fluently. I was taught from birth by both my parents who were taught by their parents. I am third generation Hungarian. I was born and raised in the US. My English naturally is much stronger than my Hungarian. I would like to pass my mother language to my children. I joined this challenge to help motivate me. The children understand a lot of Hungarian but they speak mostly English with a few Hungarian words thrown in. It is very natural for me to code-switch a lot because that is how my friends and I grew up speaking to each other. We attend Hungarian school on Saturdays for 4 hours a day. It is a great resource for us. I read to them in Hungarian daily and sing folk songs to them daily. However speaking to them in Hungarian consistently seems like an impossible feat to me. I am looking forward to this challenge.


2 Sarolta March 9, 2012 at 7:30 pm

We are Hungarian speaking parents with a 3.5 year old boy in Canada. I have lived here for 12 years, my son was born here. At home we only speak Hungarian, I would like to figure out how to keep the language strong. There are weeks or months when his English becomes dominant and we can see the first language skills and vocabulary stall. We don’t have too many relatives or friends and we are too far from the Hungarian schools. We watch cartoons and movies in Hungarian and listen to kids music as well. He loves our folk songs (Hull a szilva a farol pl.). We chat with grandparents weekly also. I correct him most of the time or at least repeat it correctly if he mixes up a verb. Our challenge is that there are words that he learns in English first and eventually it will become impossible to use these words in Hungarian in our everyday language. We are planning to add French in 2 years, looking forward to this challenge.


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