Language Challenge 180: Farsi

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This is the Language Challenge 180 page for Farsi. If you are working on this language, please leave a comment below letting other speakers know a little about you and your language skills. Also tell us who will be working on this language (you, your child, etc.) and what you hope to achieve.

Please leave comments with resources that you recommend in this language (online language learning, fun websites, good books in the language, online TV programming, audio programs, online stores where products in the language can be purchased, etc.).

We’ll be updating this page based on the suggestions you make in the comments section below – so add a comment today!


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This page is for Language Challenge 180 participants only. Sign up now to join this event!

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1 valerie March 2, 2012 at 1:59 pm

I am mom of 5 kids with passive knowledge of Farsi, but whose dad is native speaker. I speak it moderately well, but definitely need to expand my vocabulary and refine my verbs!
We are planning a trip soon and hope the kids will be comfortable SPEAKING basic Farsi. While they understand quite a bit, and hear it constantly, they are not actual speakers…YET! The goal is to maximize the language exposure this summer with hopes that the children will come back fluent is basic household/family centered Farsi. From there I know they can become fluent in the larger scheme. IT is just that first threshold that I am trying to get them past but have struggled with for YEARS! None can hold a full conversation with family yet, and this is something I really am working toward!


2 Alexandra March 5, 2012 at 3:19 pm

Good luck to you, Valerie! Being in Iran will help tremendously, I’m sure. My daughter (also Farsi-speaking dad, and me with conversational ability) is lucky enough to go to a Farsi immersion preschool, and one of the moms with kids who were there and now are in public (English-only) elementary school told me about her pact with her kids to speak Farsi together. They all sat down around the table and agreed on things they wanted, and they’re doing a rewards system with the ultimate goal of a trip somewhere they all wanted to go (Disneyland? can’t remember). It doesn’t have to be such a big goal, but maybe the sit-down-and-agree component is a good takeaway. Something that formalizes everyone’s participation.

I find that when my daughter is shifting to English a little too much I can help to shift her back by speaking a little Farsi to her. She doesn’t always switch back right away, but it’s like a subtle nudge in that direction. And now we actually play a make-believe game in Farsi where she’s the teacher and I’m the student! That makes it fun.


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