Language Challenge 180: Weekly Check-In

by Corey

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Below are the links to the Language Challenge 180 Weekly Check-In Pages. We will prompt you each week with a question that we’d like you to answer in the comments section. However, are also welcome to leave additional comments anytime during the targeted week (or to reply to comments from previous weeks). We will send you a reminder to check in each week in our Friday emails.

In these weekly check-in pages, we will prompt you with a specific check-in question.You are welcome to answer the question in any language (unless we specifically request that you write in the language you are working on).

We encourage you to head to the Language Challenge 180 section of the Multilingual Living Forum (scroll to the bottom) to share highlights, frustrations, general tips, insights and more that come up during Language Challenge 180. Use any language you want when you write in the forum – native or non-native! We want you to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and experiences!

Please be kind to one another and you are expected to always be respectful in what you write!

NOTE: If you have weekly comments, suggestions, recommendations and more that are related to a specific language, please write those in the comment section of the specific language pages.

For language-specific comments, please add them in the comment section of the target language at the Language Challenge 180: Language Pages.


We hope you will come here often to check in and/or to share your experiences, tips and inspiration with other Language Challenge 180 participants in each of the weekly contact pages! The more we share with one another, the more we will be motivated to continue!

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