Language Challenge 180: Sponsor Discounts

by Corey

Here is a list of the discounts from our Language Challenge 180 sponsors. We recommend all of these products as part of your language learning journey but feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions!

These discounts are for everyone! So tell your friends, family and the world!

LingQ - Language Challenge 180


From March 1 – March 9: LingQ is offering fantastic discounts on its 6-month and 12-month subscriptions. Click Here to find out more. We highly recommend that you check out this program as the basis for your language learning. It is easy to use and provides the kind of long-term language support and variety that we need to increase our language skills over time. Let us know what you think about this program.

Ana Lomba

From March 1 – March 9: Ana Lomba is offering 50% off the first month of her e-books in Chinese, Spanish and French. Use code: 180Challenge

Petra Lingua

From March 1 – March 9: Petra Lingua is offering 50% off the first month’s subscription for any language. Use code: petralingua_mll50

Il Cocco di Mamma

From March 1 – March 9: Il Cocco di Mamma is offering 30% off your order. Use code: MLChallenge30

Mother Tongues

From March 1 – March 9: Mother Tongues is offering 20% off your order. Use code: LC180

Everyday Language Learner

From March 1 – March 9: Everyday Language Learner is offering 50% off their EDLL guides. Use code: challenge180

Sing with Senor - Language Challenge 180

Sing with Señor

March 1 – March 9:  Sing with Señor is offering 30% off their physical CD and 50% off the download. No code needed. Just visit their CDBaby page and make your purchase!


March 1 – March 9: Whistlefritz is offering discounts of up to 40% off your purchase. Use code: LC180.

Notes in Spanish

March 1 – March 31: Notes in Spanish is offering 10% off all products. Use code: 180special


Please contact the sponsors directly if you have any questions about their discounts.

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