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Language Challenge 180 has begun! If you haven’t signed up, do so right now! If you signed up but didn’t receive your Welcome email, let us know!

While putting together Language Challenge 180, we approached each of the the following companies to find out if they would be interested in sponsoring this exciting event. We were delighted when each of them gave us a resounding, “Yes!”

The reason we chose these sponsors is because we believe that each of them represents what Multilingual Living is all about: an honest dedication to multilingualism. Please take a moment to get to know each of them a little bit better below. And don’t miss these amazing discounts which are only available until March 9th

LingQ - Language Challenge 180

Main Sponsor: LingQ

The first company we contacted about sponsoring Language Challenge 180 was LingQ. We were looking for a sponsor whose product would meet the needs of Multilingual Living’s diverse individuals and families while at the same time encouraging the kind of language-learning philosophy we support. Being that we have been fans of LingQ for a long time, it was no surprise that they were the first company we contacted.

We were overjoyed when LingQ agreed to sponsor Language Challenge 180 and we were even more excited when they offered to give Multilingual Living readers an amazing discount on their products for the first week of the event!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with LingQ, here is a quick video explaining how it works:

If the target language(s) you are learning is supported by LingQ, I heartily recommend that you check it out. My family will be utilizing it during Language Challenge 180 for a relatively new language (Spanish), a semi-strong language (French) and an very strong language (German). We will be using other online resources and books but will turn to LingQ for systematic language work.

What I find so unique about LingQ is the control I have over my language learning path. I don’t have to follow any sequence particular sequence and don’t have to worry about getting tired out with rote, standardized lessons (which often start off well but quickly bore me). I can select text and topics that are interesting to me and can make selections based on my own personal difficulty level (from no knowledge to very advanced). I have also used the testing features which are very useful: vocabulary cards, cloze sentences, dictation and multiple choice testing.

The greatest benefit for me to using LingQ is that it is possible for us to import articles that we find on the internet into the program (something I just discovered recently)! Once imported, LingQ will highlight the words that you do not yet know and you can start “LingQing” those immediately. It is fantastic! What this means is that every article out there is available as a language-learning tool! Of course, you won’t get audio files with the text you import (which you do get with the LingQ files) but it is a small price to pay for the chance to use articles that really, truly interest you. I haven’t yet taken advantage of the tutoring and correction options available to LingQ subscribers (you pay for this via a point system), but I definitely have my eye on it.

Check out the video below that Steve Kaufmann made for all of us on the Language Challenge 180 adventure! What a true delight that Steve took the time to speak directly to us!

BIG Discount! Please do not miss this amazing offer from LingQ of up to 54% off its program for Multilingual Living readers! You do not have to be a part of Language Challenge 180 to get this deal – so spread the word to everyone you know!

These 6-month and 12-month deals will only last until March 9th so grab one of them today before they are gone! Of course, this is not the only program out there. The key is finding a program that works best for you – that is the most important!


In addition to LingQ‘s financial sponsorship, we have a whole list of co-sponsors who have donated their fantastic products as prizes to Language Challenge 180 participants. Look below to find out which of our co-sponsors are offering special deals until March 9th!

As with LingQ, we specifically picked out these sponsors to ensure that Language Challenge 180 is backed by companies, individuals and products truly dedicated to multilingualism. These sponsors are the real deal and we are delighted to have their support!

Ana Lomba

If your children know or are learning Spanish, French or Chinese, you will want to get access to these fantastic online e-books by the award winning author, Ana Lomba. The pictures are full of color and the stories are unbelievably entertaining. You can access these e-books on a month-by-month basis which is fabulous since your children will want to listen/read them over and over again.

Ana Lomba knows that the key to children learning a language is through real, life language exposure right from the beginning. If you are a French, Spanish or Chinese native speaker, you will be able to jump right into these stories to enjoy reading/listening to them over and over again with your children. Non-native speaking parents will have the delightful opportunity to learn right along with their kids.

Until March 9: 50% off the first month of Ana Lomba’s e-books! Use code: 180Challenge

Language Lizard - Language Challenge 180

Language Lizard

Ever since we first came into contact with Language Lizard (many years ago) we have delighted in bilingual books and the benefits they provide for language learners. By being able to understand what we are reading in one language, we can start to pick up the second language as we become familiar with similar words and sentences.

For families who are already bilingual, dual language books give parents the option to read the same book in both languages. Language Lizard has a fantastic selection of bilingual books which have been selected with care for their storyline, illustrations and quality. Don’t miss their other multilingual products, such as multilingual posters on a whole variety of topics.

Sing with Senor - Language Challenge 180

Sing with Señor

Families in Seattle have been raving about Sing with Señor, a bilingual children’s music duo, for some time now!

I met with one of the musicians, Felipe, over a latte a few weeks ago to talk about all things multilingual and was won over by his kind, open personality. I can totally understand why children and parents alike rave about his performances and fantastic CD!

My children and I have been listening to our Sing with Señor CD non-stop. It is one of those CDs that both adults and children can listen to with pleasure (I’m sure you know what I mean) and everyone will be singing the songs long after the CD has ended. You can also purchase a fun Sing with Señor T-shirt to wear while dancing to your favorite song (ours so far is “Los Animales”!)

Until March 9: 30% off the physical CD and 50% off the download. No code needed. Just visit their CDBaby page and make your purchase!

Petra Lingua

When it comes to children’s language learning, colorful animations go a long way. Without being over the top, Petra Lingua’s online language learning programs in Chinese, Spanish, English, Russian, German and French are fun, simple and cheerful. They give children the opportunity to learn words quickly and to apply their vocabulary in a number of games and activities after each short vocabulary lesson.

Petra Lingua does not provide a full language learning program but they will give your children a fun jump start on learning some words in each language very well. As your children are building up their vocabulary with this program, you can help them to incorporate their new words into your daily lives.

Until March 9: 50% off! Use code: petralingua_mll50


As you will remember from some of our videos last year, my kids and I simply adore learning Spanish with Whistlefritz DVDs. The main character in the Spanish DVDs, Maria, is just the kind of person you’d want to have teach your children Spanish: she is funny, sweet, silly and engaging. In case you are wondering: YES, the DVDs are full immersion! Maria guides us with gestures, facial expressions and a lot of helpful repetition.

Whistlefritz also offers CDs and memory cards that go together with the wonderful DVDs. And if you are looking for French CDs, they offer those too. I am certain these are as high quality, educational and entertaining as the Spanish ones that we have enjoyed! We can highly recommend purchasing the Spanish DVD, CD and memory card packages for a complete immersion experience.

Until March 9: Up to 40% off! Use code: LC180


As a follower of Multilingual Living, you will already have heard us rave about Speekee, a fantastic children’s Spanish language learning program! We are delighted that this program is now finally available online so that families around the world can enjoy it.

Speekee is a complete beginners immersion Spanish language program. You and your children will be exposed to Spanish right from the start and before you know, you will be repeating sentences and singing along with the catchy songs. My children couldn’t get enough of the main puppet, named Speekee, and asked to watch the episodes over and over again.

Il Cocco di Mamma

The products at Il Cocco di Mamma are simply fantastic. The quality and selection of toys, books, signature Tees and more shows that this company truly cares about multilingual children.

Some of you may remember that we did a review of Il Cocco di Mamma’s products many years ago in Multilingual Living Magazine and I am delighted to say that the same quality that we saw then is still around now. There are so many wonderful things to praise at this online store that I don’t even know where to begin. You will have to head over and check them out yourself!

Until March 9: 30% off your order. Use code: MLChallenge30

Mother Tongues

The products at Mother Tongues are absolutely lovely. I love the whole concept of the T-shirts which are printed with words that are almost impossible to translate (you have to go check them out to know what I mean). These are products that you will wear with absolute pride!

The kindness, generosity and authenticity of the owner, Michelle, is nothing short of contagious. Having gotten to know her over the past year, I can say that she runs Mother Tongues from the heart and lives the words she promotes on her products.

Until March 9: 20% off your order. Use code: LC180

Language Is Music

If you are tired of the old, stale way of learning languages, then you need to read the book Language Is Music and get your language learning groove on! The author, Susanna Zaraysky, is an amazing polyglot who understands the heart of what makes us learn a language well and shares a number of secrets in this fantastic book.

Not only does Susanna provide tips and suggestions in Language Is Music for how to incorporate music into our language learning, she gives advice and examples for how to make it a successful and satisfying endeavor. She reminds us that to learn a language well, we need to be having fun and enjoying the process. Her tips help us master this in our own language learning adventure.

Here is a lovely video with Susanna and her nephew talking about language learning, Language is Music and Language Challenge 180! Thank you Susanna for making this fun video for us!

Multilingual Matters

Since 2003, we have had the pleasure and honor of working with one of the most respected publishers of books on multilingualism: Multilingual Matters. This publishing house is dedicated to language acquisition and multilingualism like none other.

We hope you will take the time to look through their extensive list of books that Multilingual Matters has published on multilingualism. From multilingualism in the home to multilingualism in the schools, there is bound to be something of interest from this amazing publishing house!

Everyday Language Learner

The name of this company describes us perfectly, doesn’t it? It also outlines exactly what we are going to have to do during Language Challenge 180 to master our languages: learn our language(s) every single day.

Aaron, at Everyday Language Learner, is completely dedicated to helping people learn languages. He knows what it takes from his own personal experiences and research. His combined enthusiasm and knowledge can help anyone become a happy, successful language learner! If you really want to excel in your language learning, please check out his EDLL guides and his 10 week journey course!

Until March 9: 50% off all EDLL guides. Use code: challenge180

Notes in Spanish

Notes in Spanish is designed to help you learn the real Spanish you’ll never find in a textbook or classroom. Whether you’re listening to the Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced audio and podcasts, Notes in Spanish provides authentic listening practice via completely natural conversations and interviews, covering interesting news, Spanish culture, current affairs, and travel.

The accompanying worksheets are designed to back up and help you to remember what you learn in the audio. You will remember us raving about Notes in Spanish last year and we still are today! We highly recommend this program for Spanish language learning!

Until March 31: 10% discount on all products. Use code: 180special

Language Challenge 180: Algonquin Sponsor


Founded in 1983, Algonquin is an independent publisher of literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. It is the home of the fantastic new book How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm which we are in the middle of reading (and enjoying) right now! We can’t wait to give away copies of this book as Language Challenge 180 prizes!

Algonquin publishes a wonderful selection of books about parenting and families and we highly recommend that you follow their blog which is packed with tips and information. We are delighted to have Algonquin on board as a sponsor!


Thank You!

We would like to extend a gigantic Thank You! to all of our Language Challenge 180 sponsors! We couldn’t do this without you! Your support and donations will make Language Challenge 180 the fun, educational and multilingual adventure it was meant to be!

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Wow. What a fantastic list of sponsors!

Well done 🙂

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Just started checking out some of the sponsors, what an interesting list!!

3 Valerie Butron March 1, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Wow! I am thrilled to have such a comprehensive list of resources to choose from. There are so many options, and I’m very appreciative of all the homework required to put together so many options in one place.

4 Jim March 15, 2012 at 2:11 am

Cool sponsors (-;

5 Andrew June 9, 2012 at 4:42 pm

i realy would love to get lanugage is music! i have to buy it one day! i hear its amazing.

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