Language Challenge 180: Headquarters

by Corey

This page is for Language Challenge 180 participants only. Sign up now to join this event!

This is the main page for Language Challenge 180. We will update each section (see below) as the event evolves and more resources become available.
Please bookmark this page so that you can easily find it each week.

Weekly Schedule Information

Each week you will receive two emails:

  • Monday: You will receive an email on Mondays which will point you to that week’s activity page. There you will find tips, information and activities for the week. See the Weekly Activities section below.
  • Friday: You will also receive an email on Fridays which will ask you to check in and will let you know what that week’s giveaway prize is. Only people who were actively participating during the week can enter the giveaway. See the Weekly Contact section below.

Weekly Emails

It is important that you are receiving our emails since those will guide you through the Language Challenge 180 process. If you didn’t sign up yet, do so here. If you signed up but you aren’t receiving our emails, contact us as soon as possible!


Our Sponsors

Make sure to check out Our Fantastic Sponsors! These companies are run by people who really care about multilingualism, so check them out to see if they have anything you are looking for.


General Information

Here you will find general links about Language Challenge 180 as well as language learning, multilingualism and more.


Social Media:

  • Twitter: Please include #LC180 whenever sending tweets that have to do with Language Challenge 180. This will make it easy for us to stay in contact and to get the attention of other Language Challenge 180 participants. Search regularly for tweets with #LC180 in them (or set up a filter) to engage in discussions, support and conversation all about languages! Click here to follow Multilingual Living on Twitter.
    We will also be having Twitter chats where everyone can chat at the same time using the #LC180 hashtag. It will be a ton of fun and helpful for your family’s language learning!
  • Facebook: We didn’t want to create a separate group for this event so please feel free to communicate via the Multilingual Living Facebook page. We’d love to know how things are going, what stumbling blocks you are hitting and more! Please click the LIKE button on the Multilingual Living Facebook page to follow our conversations there!


  • We now have a section for Language Challenge 180 at the bottom of the Multilingual Living Forum. Please head over there today and start a conversation!


Language Resources

  • Language Challenge 180: Language Pages:  This is where you will find pages for all of the languages focused on during Language Challenge 180. You are encouraged to share resources, tips and support which is specific to a target language.

Weekly Activities

  • Language Challenge 180: Weekly Activity Pages:  Each Monday you will receive an email with your week’s language activities. You are not expected to do all of the activities but at least take a look at what we have listed and be inspired to stay on track for the week!

Weekly Check-In

  • Language Challenge 180: Check-In Pages:  Each Friday you will receive an email with check-in information. You can find those check-in pages via this link. We will prompt you with a different set of questions each week.

If you would like to share general information about what you did during the week, including what worked and didn’t work, inspiring moments and more, please head to the Language Challenge 180 section of the Forum (scroll to the bottom). You are encouraged to write in any language that you want (native or non-native) for your check in (and in the forum).

Giveaway Prizes

  • We are planning on having a giveaway every week, thanks to our generous sponsors, that only you can enter! Keep an eye out for our Friday emails as well as the Weekly Check-In pages (where we will point you to the week’s giveaway).

This page will continue to develop and evolve as Language Challenge 180 advances. Let us know if there is something you’d like to see listed here!

This page is for Language Challenge 180 participants only. Sign up now to join this event!

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