Language REFRESH 101 – Week 12

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Another two weeks of German language learning, one step at a time, one step at a time. I honestly do feel like I am getting somewhere – slowly but surely. This is the reality that I have to finally accept: to keep a language alive in a country where the language is not spoken is work, a lot of work (even if our spouse speaks the language)! Next week we will have a great guest post from Melissa Dedina about why we can’t necessarily expect our spouse to teach us our second language.

Wow, did you see the video testimonial from Marcela Hede from Hispanic Culture Online? I was extremely honored to see the video testimonial that she made for Multilingual Living. What can I say? The reason this place is so amazing is because of all of us! I wouldn’t want to hang out here if it weren’t for you all!

Video Diary – Week 12
In this video diary I share some important suggestions about raising bicultural children. It is important that we are doing it with a sight toward embracing diversity, not exclusivity.

Exclusivity may initially create the sense of cultural bonding but over time it can create tension, division and polarization. And ultimately, we need to look at things in terms of the big picture. Our children need us to do this so that they can grow up to embrace all cultures, not feeling superior to those that aren’t their own.

In the video diary you will also hear about the email I received this week with respect to Deutsch Perfekt. I am seriously thinking of getting a subscription if we can afford it!

Multilingual Living Testimonial

Below is the Multilingual Living testimonial that Marcela Hede from Hispanic Culture Online made! I am still speechless and blushing. What an honor! Thank you Marcela!

I hope that all of you out there will know that you are the ones who make Multilingual Living what it is! No community of multilingual enthusiasts = no Multilingual Living. It is that simple! So thank you, you, you!

Each week my children and I will share our experiences strengthening German (one of my children’s first languages and my second language) in our Language REFRESH 101 posts and videos. Come join us by signing up at the Multilingual Living Forum to refresh any language!

If you are interested in learning a brand new language, check out our Language Challenge 101 posts and then head over to the Bilingual Families Perth site to join their Language Challenge 101 which is taking place right now!

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