The ABCs of Multilingual Parenting: The Letter L

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L is for … Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!

Sometimes we forget that raising children in more than one language is something to enjoy! If you realize that you aren’t laughing along the way then start today!  The key is to find ways to laugh together about multilingualism rather than turning it into a struggle and conflict. The surest way to make someone hate a language is to link it with stress, anxiety and frustration.

Aren’t sure what to laugh about? Find some good comedies in your language that are also appropriate for your children to watch. Search out some good YouTube clips in your language. Or get into the habit of telling a silly joke in your language each morning at the breakfast table. That will get things off to a humorous start.

You want to share your laughter with others in your community? Start your very own Laughter Yoga club:

Still not feeling in the mood for laughing today? Below are some silly videos to help you and your kids to get into the mood – continue your searching from there!

We are going through the alphabet one letter at a time, multilingual-style! Join in the fun and add your own ideas, suggestions and tips in the comments below that begin with today’s letter! Check out all of the ABC’s of Multilingual Parenting posts so far!

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