Language REFRESH 101 – Week 10

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These have been two great weeks of German language learning!

Nothing in particular happened. I just felt like I got into a super-duper, rhythmic, consistent German language learning groove.

I actually looked forward to reading my German language novel each night, I finally began to memorize some German articles that I was consistently saying incorrectly, I wrote down words that I use a lot in my daily life but wasn’t completely confident about, and I really felt connected to a kind of German-ness that I remember from living in Germany. An all around sense of well-being.

When I feel that German-ness, I start to slow down, focus on the language and really savor it. I forget that there is a goal and instead just let the language melt into me and take me over. Part of this comes from getting in touch again with memories of living in Kiel, Germany and the sense of excitement and newness that I experienced while living there. When I get into this state of mind, practicing German is a joy.

Thank you everyone for your kind words about my last video diary in German. I was nervous to make that video but in the end it was a ton of fun and I am so glad you encouraged me to do it. Plus, now that I’ve done it I have nothing more to fear. My German can only get better from here on out, right? Gosh, I hope so!

Video Diary – Week 10
In this video diary I share what worked well this week, I show you the inside of a fantastic German language learning magazine that arrived this week (but I’m not sure if I can afford a subscription), and some great books that you can read out loud to your children (or have them read out loud to you!).

Head over to this wall post on the Multilingual Living Facebook page for a link to the magazine in the video diary and a discussion about it!

My Daughter and Star Wars
My daughter saved and saved her money and finally purchased her very first Lego kit. She is very excited to be able to battle her brothers, Star Wars style! Here she is sharing some Star Wars figures in a mixture of German and English.

Please remember to point me to your videos of you, your children or other family members/friends speaking in your/their language(s)! I would love to see them!

Each week my children and I will share our experiences strengthening German (one of my children’s first languages and my second language) in our Language REFRESH 101 posts and videos. Come join us by signing up at the Multilingual Living Forum to refresh any language!

If you are interested in learning a brand new language, check out our Language Challenge 101 posts and then head over to the Bilingual Families Perth site to join their Language Challenge 101 which is taking place right now!

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