Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!
For those of you who celebrate Easter, we wish you a joyful Easter Sunday celebration today! The photo in this post, taken by my mother in 2004, are of my sons enjoying the Easter goodies that they discovered in our yard. The Easter bunny was very generous that year, most likely because my mother was in town and gave the poor Easter bunny a good talking to.

My children have been waiting for this day for many weeks, anticipating a basket for each full of chocolate and goodies hidden outside in the bushes. Plus, if the weather is good, then candy eggs and other tasty treats will be found all around the yard – hidden in the grass, on top of the fence, under leaves, behind flower pots. Rainy weather means they will be hidden all over inside the house.

After the fun is over and a good amount of sweets have been eaten, eggs and goodies will be hidden again, but this time by my children for one another. They will do this over and over and over again – all day long. It is amazing how children delight in reliving an experience repeatedly, all in one day, laughing and giggling as much as the first time around.

Christianity, Eggs and the Easter Bunny
Easter Sunday is a Christan holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. So, how did it come to also be linked with colored eggs and the Easter bunny?

Scholars trace the origins of the Easter bunny to the Upper Rhineland region in Germany where it appeared in a German publication in the 1500s. Both eggs and rabbits have long been regarded as symbols of fertility, associated with spring, the time of renewal and birth. And being that eggs are a forbidden food during Lent, it is no surprise that they are treated with special attention on Easter Sunday when they can finally be consumed again. Although many cultures around the world have traditions of coloring eggs, some believe that the origins are from the Persian celebration of Norouz when eggs are dyed to celebrate the coming of the new year.

Sacred Spring Holidays
If you have ever had the feeling that spring is filled with holidays around the world, then you are right! Homa Tavangar, author of Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World, wrote a lovely post about this titled Spring Is Packed with Sacred Holidays: Here’s What They Teach Us. Read her list and add your own!

Easter Britain-Style
For those of you who speak Spanish, Antonia wrote a wonderful article titled La Semana Santa al estilo Británico about how Easter is celebrated in Britain. Chocolate eggs or the weeping Virgin?

Leaves, Flowers and Onion Skins
Daina and her family are busy coloring eggs but her list of ingredients consists of leaves, flowers and onion skins!  My family and I tried this method last year but our eggs didn’t come out nearly as well as Daina’s! To find out how to color your eggs with this lovely traditional method, read Daina’s post Getting Ready for Easter.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day no matter what you celebrate and no matter where you are in the world right now! Stay tuned for next week when we’ll share more news about bilingualism and multilingualism around the world!


Spring Is Packed with Sacred Holidays: Here’s What They Teach Us

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