Multilingual Living’s Week in Review – April 10

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This is a review of the articles, Tweets, Facebook posts and more which went out this week in and around our Multilingual Living universe. Thank you everyone for sharing your tips, tweets, emails and more with me! Were it not for you, this post wouldn’t even be here!

Are 4 Languages Too Much?
What do you think? Is there a limit to how many languages a family should juggle? What about 4 – is that too much?  Read the discussion here. It is very interesting! And while there, make sure to check out all of the Multilingual Living Forum topics!

Don’t Insist on English!
No doubt, English has become an important language. As we see, it has become the common lingua franca for sharing information and communicating across cultures. However, that doesn’t mean it should replace any other language. Let’s go ahead and learn English but let’s do it without severing ties with our other languages (especially if they are our native languages which connect us to family and tradition)!

The following video, “Don’t Insist on English,” is fantastic! Please watch it and then share it with others you know:

Growing Up Globally
Watch this great video from Homa Tavanga, the author of Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be at Home in the World. We are more plugged in, but are we more connected? How can we make sure we find ways to truly connect on a global level, for ourselves and our children? And find out what Homa thinks about the role of competition in all of this:

Susanna Speaking 7 Languages
This is a great video about Susanna Zaraysky’s Language is Music program as well as her speaking 7 languages (Russian, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Serbo-Croatian & Portuguese):

What Would You Have Done Differently?
No matter how dedicated, consistent and fluent we are, there always seem to be details that we feel that we could have done better. What if you could do it all over again? What would you have done differently? Find out what others say to this post on the Multilingual Living Facebook page, and then add your own!

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