Language REFRESH 101: Week Four

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Vocabulary Flash Cards
Here are some words that the kids and I practiced these past two weeks (pulled randomly from the front of the box). I’m not including information about parts of speech and whatnot, but it will give you an idea of what we are covering.

Note that we already know the meaning of these words. We are now memorizing the articles, declensions, conjugations, etc. in more detail:

  • das Gras (des Grases, die Gräser) – grass.
  • greifen (griff, gegriffen) – grasp; seize. Related forms: greifen nach, der Griff, begreifen, der Begriff.
  • handeln – bargain; deal (in); deal (with); be about. Related forms: behandeln, sich handeln (um), der Händler, die Handlung.
  • geschehen (geschah, ist geschehen, (geschieht)) – happen. Related forms: das Geschehnis, die Geschichte.
  • gern(e) – gladly. Compartive: lieber. Superlative: am liebsten.
  • genug – enough, sufficient. Related forms: genügen (with dative).
  • genießen (genoß) – enjoy. Related forms: der Genuß.

Reading Out Loud
My husband’s family lives in northern Germany. While on vacation there a few years ago, we visited to the Haithabu Viking Museum. My husband’s aunt insisted that we visit the museum and we were definitely happy that we went! The museum contains rooms with artifacts as well as a full-sized restored replica of a Viking ship.

The best was a short walk to the living Viking village – it is truly fantastic! We arrived an hour before closing, otherwise we would have hung out there for many more hours! It is a living museum with people reenacting life during the Viking era as well as offering handmade products for sale. Check out the wiki page for more information and if you are in northern Germany or southern Denmark, make sure to check it out!

While at Haithabu, we purchased a few children’s books about Vikings. We pulled one of them, Die Zeitdetektive – Der Schatz der Wikinger, by Fabian Lenk, off the shelf last week and I started reading it out loud to the kids. It is amazing how many difficult words are to be found in a children’s chapter book! It makes sense that children’s books are filled with words that describe things with a variety of different words – it is the same in books I read out lout to the kids in English. It is excellent language practice (but frustrating when the kids ask what words mean and I have no idea)!

Top Kid’s German Language Audio Tip!!
Now here is something fantastic that I just found while searching for an online link to Der Schatz der Wikinger: if you want to hear the whole book being read out loud, check out this link on YouTube! And check out the other Die Zeitdetektive books listed there! Unglaublich! Ausgezeichnet! Things like this make me love our World Wide Web so very much!

How Is It Going?
How did your week go? If you aren’t feeling very motivated, share it in the Multilingual Living Forum – Language REFRESH 101 post so that we can rally together and all get inspired! Each time someone needs some encouragement, we get going again via the process of offering support! Isn’t that fantastic?

If you want to post your own Language Refresh 101 on your blog or website, just let me know and I would be happy to send you the logo at the beginning of this post. You can add it to each of your own Language Refresh 101 posts! It just might make it a bit more fun and oh-so-very-real.

Each week my children and I will share our experiences strengthening German (one of my children’s first languages and my second language) in our Language REFRESH 101 posts and videos. Come join us by signing up at the Multilingual Living Forum to refresh any language!

If you are interested in learning a brand new language, check out our Language Challenge 101 posts and then head over to the Bilingual Families Perth site to join their Language Challenge 101 which is taking place right now!

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