Multilingual Living’s Week in Review: A Tribute to Japan

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Normally this post is a review of the articles, Tweets, Facebook posts and more which went out this week in and around our Multilingual Living universe. However, today I would like to dedicate this post to every person impacted by the destruction in Japan. As with all of us around the world, I am heartbroken by the destruction and loss of lives.

Destruction in Japan
My husband and I have been in tears reading accounts of the earthquake and tsunami which have hit Japan. There are no words for the pain we feel as we watch accounts of individuals across the country searching for other family members and taking shelter after having lost everything they own in an instant.

Having stood in downtown Santa Cruz during the Loma Prieta earthquake (where buildings collapsed around me directly across the street) and other smaller earthquakes in California and Seattle, I can’t even imagine what the experience must have been like in Japan! So frightening!  And as we now have seen, as if the earthquake in Japan weren’t bad enough, the tsunami has caused the greatest loss of lives. The damage and number of human lives lost are staggering.

Japan in the News
My sources for news about happenings in Japan is fairly limited, however, here are a few that my husband and I have been accessing these past few days (I am sure there are more in other languages – please share your news sources in your language in the comments below!):

  • BBC News Asia-Pacific: My first source for international news is always the BBC. Keep an eye on this page for general news about what is happening in Japan.
  • BBC News Japan Earthquake: Here is a page that is focusing on the quake and tsunami.
  • Nuclear Alert: As many people know, a nuclear power plant in Japan has been damaged. As I understand it, the plant survived the earthquake fine but when the tsunami knocked out the power, they were unable to keep the cores cool. There has been at least one explosion but no one has been able to definitively say what this means and whether there might be more explosions. The latest news is that they have moved to a last-ditch effort to flood at least one reactor with sea water.
  • USGS page with information about the earthquake in Japan.
  • California Tsunami: Surge Deals Blow To Small Town Of Crescent City: The tsunami was experienced on the other side of the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of the United States.
  • Japan Tsunami videos from the Huffington post. Sometimes it is just not believable until we actually see the footage of what a tsunami can do. Unbelievable!

There are so many more accounts, reports and videos. Please share what you find in the comments below. Here is one video that really shows how a tsunami can destroy an entire town:


With Love for Japan
For everyone who has been impacted by this natural disaster, our heartfelt thoughts and love goes out to you. There are no words to truly express the sadness that people around the world feel about the loss of each and every human.


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1 Mamá y muchas cosas más March 14, 2011 at 2:15 am

It’s so so horrible!
I’m following the news from Japan here in Spain through El País website:
All my support to everyone affected in one way or another xxx


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