Language REFRESH 101: Week Two

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How did this week of German language learning go for us? Hmmm. Well, ahem, let’s just say that German was a part of our life this week but not really as I had hoped it would be. Best intentions count for something, right?

How about this, if we count music and German films, then this was a great week for German, since I definitely took advantage of those two forms of media!  As for the rest of my language-learning goals, well, there is always next week.

As Susanna Zaraysky shares in her post Jukebox Language Learning: Music Can Make You Multilingual, we shouldn’t discount the role that music plays in our language learning. So, along those lines, here is some German music that the kids and I really enjoyed this week. As you will see, it is a bit of a walk down German-music-memory-lane!

An all-time favorite song of mine is Über den Wolken by Reinhard Mey, in part because of my past experiences: My husband-to-be gave me a mixed tape back in 1992 as I traveled to Greece from Galway, Ireland and this song was on that. I listened to this song over and over again. So, so lovely! Here is a video from 1974:

While living in Germany, much of my music tastes were influenced by what my husband and his three siblings had enjoyed over the years as they were growing up. Thus, it is no surprise that I ended up listening to a lot of Neue Deutsche Welle music while living there (and thus carried it with me to Seattle)!


What German music repertoire is complete without some Nena songs? I listened to a lot of her music while I lived in Germany.  Here is one of the Nena songs that the kids and I have been listening to this past week: Willst du mit mir gehen:

And another one from Nena (from the same CD) that the kids and I danced to over and over again this week: Immer weiter

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1 Krista Grothoff March 11, 2011 at 12:27 am

Did you know that Nena, now a grandmother, now does German children’s music as well? I’m buying the mp3’s off of Amazon because she does a lot of typical children’s songs in a way I can enjoy listening to. (The previous recordings we’ve gotten have been either of terrible quality or sung by this woman who sounds like she’s had a 100-pack-a-day habit for 100 years 😉


2 cartside March 11, 2011 at 1:11 am

now that was a trip down memory lane! Thanks for sharing!


3 Kate March 11, 2011 at 7:19 am

That is too funny! We did the same thing this week! I decided to add a little dancing to our daily routine. And since it fell during our German part of the day, of course I had to play German music. My 15-month-old son was not impressed by all of my random German music and would turn off the stereo if he didn’t like a song! In particular, he was not a fan of Die fantastichen Vier … but then, German hip-hop is not exactly kid-friendly 🙂 He did like some of my newer discoveries (new to me, anyway), like Ina Müler (“Mark”), Montag (“Ich, du, er, sie, es”), and Ganz Schön Feist (“König von Deutschland”). So he clapped for those songs 🙂

My German music collection is quite random and somewhat limited, so I’ll definitely check out your recommendations, Corey. And I’m excited to hear what Nena is doing in children’s music! Keep the tips coming!


4 Thea March 11, 2011 at 11:16 am

We’ve outgrown much of the kids music we usually listen too (Nena, Rolf Z., Detlev Jöcker, Donikkl, Sternschnuppe, etc.). DH listens to Bayern 3 at work so he comes home with a few good ones:

Juli – die perfeckte Welle is a winner by us.


5 Amanda Kendle April 11, 2011 at 8:05 pm

Oh, I’m such a big fan of Über den Wolken!!!! I always put it on repeat in my car (it’s also on a mix-CD made by my husband when we first met!).
I must look up Nena’s children’s music too for my little boy.


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