Language REFRESH 101: Week One

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In January we finally broke down and got a membership to Netflix. They have some movies in German which looks promising but I’m not sure yet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they have anything in German for children but there are definitely some movies in German which my husband and I would like to see!

As everyone knows, it is such a difference to watch movies made in a native language vs. one that has been dubbed. I got used to dubbed movies while living in Germany but can hardly watch them now. The voices drive me up the wall!

The Children
As my kids and I are doing this language refresh together, part of the process will be to find ways to keep them engaged while also helping to develop their vocabulary and grammar. We do a lot in German as part of our general homeschooling efforts but I would really like to add some more language-specific work which focuses on the language itself.

In this week’s video, I present some general resources that the kids and I will start using but I would like my kids to focus on some vocabulary and grammar work in conjunction with the books we read and videos we watch. I think the key will be for me to create vocabulary and grammar pages for my children before we read a chapter in their books or watch a YouTube video or DVD. It can’t be that difficult, right?

This coming week I am going to focus on the following in German:

  • Practice my flash cards (5 a day?), focusing on the articles
  • Read 2-3 chapters in one of my novels
  • Do some “Jojo sucht das Glück” worksheets
  • Create vocabulary and grammar sheets for my kids
  • Create some German flash cards for my kids
  • Read 1 chapter a day from a children’s book out loud to my kids

Multilingual Living Forum Check-In
If you have the chance, please check in at the Multilingual Living Forum. What resources did you come across this week? Anything you’d like to recommend?

Start a new topic if you’d like to talk about something in particular: Perhaps a particularly difficult area? Or maybe there was something fun that happened this week?  Were you feeling inspired or frustrated? The process is sure to go in waves so don’t let yourself get too down if you have a bad day/week!


Each week my children and I will share our experiences strengthening German (one of my children’s first languages and my second language) in our Language REFRESH 101 posts and videos. Come join us by signing up at the Multilingual Living Forum to refresh any language!

If you are interested in learning a brand new language, check out our Language Challenge 101 posts and then head over to the Bilingual Families Perth site to join their Language Challenge 101 which is taking place right now!

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