Language REFRESH 101: Getting Started

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After 101 days of my family and I learning Spanish as part of Language Challenge 101, we realized that something else needed some immediate attention: German! I have neglected this wonderful language friend of mine for far too long – it is time to reunite on a deep level!

We have been so excited about adding Spanish as a third language into our household. It has been a wonderful experience on so many different levels. However, we also want to make sure that my second language (my children’s second first language) gets the attention it needs. And I can say with conviction that it definitely, absolutely, positively needs some attention!

So, that having been said… it is time for a new challenge! It is time for Language REFRESH 101!

What Is Going On?

As you probably picked up from our final Language Challenge 101 video, we already had this next language adventure in mind as our Language Challenge 101 came to a close. However, I am glad that we decided to take a break for the holidays (and then our unexpected decision for me to quit my software job).

Strengthening a language that we already know very well is a whole different approach to language learning. We can’t start with the introductory, beginner courses and delight with every little word that we learn. We need more advanced materials but ones that are interesting, captivating, and appropriate for both children and adults. That will be the biggest challenge of all for us!

It will also be tough for us to recognize our language improvements from week to week since we won’t be making the same stride as when learning a brand new language. It may feel that we aren’t really getting anywhere. Therefore, it will be important for me to find ways for to stay motivated and inspired (since my level of inspiration helps to keep my children motivated as well).


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1 Tyeisha February 25, 2011 at 8:35 pm

I look forward to hearing about your German refresher. I am tempted to jump in and do a refresher as well. Although everyday seems like a 101 in my house.

So, if possible I will join under a “60 Day Submersion”. Since summer is coming up my kids will be gone mid we have about 60 days to submerge ourselves in Spanish. Hmmm..I think I like that…I will definitely look back at your previous challenge posts for ideas.


2 Corey March 2, 2011 at 12:37 am

I love the idea of a “60 Day Submersion”! Yes, do it! I notice that now that we are “officially” doing this, each and every time I or the kids do something specific in German (other than just our regular chatter), I feel like we are doing something very important. There is something exciting about deciding to jump in that way. So, I completely encourage you to do it – 60 days or more!


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