Multilingual Living’s Week in Review: November 21st

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This is a review of the interesting articles, Tweets, Facebook posts and more which took place this week in and around our Multilingual Living universe. Thank you everyone for sharing your tips with me! Keep them coming!

Less Than a Week Left!
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What’s It Take to Roll an R?
Kimberly Heitmiller de Berzunza posted a very interesting question on the Multilingual Living Facebook page this week: “Can someone please tell me what happens when a native Spanish-speaking child cannot roll her r? Like, when should I worry about it, and would I need to seek out a speech therapist in Tijuana? (Which luckily, is close to me!)”

I’m wondering if others have feedback for her (and the rest of us)?  This question comes up a lot with parents of bilingual children so I’m curious as to what the experience has been with others.  If you would like to respond, you can add a comment to this post (below) or go to the Multilingual Living Facebook page, look for Kimberly’s post on November 14th and leave a comment there.

Is President Obama a Dormant Bilingual?
What do dormant bilinguals and President Obama have in common?  Find out in this great post from Prof. Grosjean on the Psychology Today website.  Here is a quote from the beginning of the post: “I have often been asked the following question: If bilinguals are those who use two or more languages (or dialects) in their everyday lives, what do you call people who now live their lives with just one language, even though they know several other languages and used them before?”

The Language of Communication
This week on the Multilingual Living Facebook page I asked the following question: “Do you and your spouse speak one another’s languages?  What language(s)?” Your comments were nothing short of fascinating!  Wow!

Here are some of your comments to the question – click here to see the whole list:

  • Saundrah: “I speak English and my husband speaks German to my 19 month old daughter. But we can understand and speak each other’s language. We live in Denmark, so my daughter knows all three languages. She gets the Danish at daycare. My husband is also fluent in Danish and I am learning.”
  • Teresa: “I speak Japanese & English. My husband speaks Spanish & English. Our daughter speaks Japanese & Spanish at home (& Japanese at Japanese school) and English & French at school. American English is our common language.”
  • Melissa: “yes, we both speak both. or more specifically, he speaks slovak and english, i speak czech and english, and czech and slovak are mutually intelligible :)”
  • Caren: “I speak german and english and i am learning catalan. My boyfriend speaks english and catalan and he is learning german. With our son i speak german and my boyfriend catalan.We speak with each other english.”
  • Adriana: “I only speak Portuguese to our daughter and my boyfriend speaks English (plus a few words in Portuguese). Our common language is English and we live in London. Have I reasons to be worried?”
  • Gemma: “I speak Italian to our daughters, my husband speaks Japanese to them and we are both able to speak each other’s language, but we’ve decided to speak in English to each other.”
  • Sandro: “wow!! and ignorant people question my families linguistic choices……….how does everyone else deal with outsiders as well as other family members ignorance??”

Thank you everyone for your amazing comments!  I was fascinated reading each and every one of them (as I know others were as well)!  For anyone who hasn’t stopped by the Multilingual Living Facebook page for a while, I highly recommend it!  While there, make sure to click on the LIKE button to let us know that you like what you see.


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