Language Challenge 101 – Final Week

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Once you feel you are tired of the above DVDs, then it is time to move onto something exciting and fun – Phase Two…

Phase Two:

  • Mi Vida Loca: This is one of the most fantastic Spanish language programs I have ever come across!  And the best part: it is free from BBC!  If you decide to do this with your kids (as my husband and I did) then note one important thing: there are elements of suspense in the program as well as a kidnapping scene.  Depending on your children, you may want to do the program on your own.
    • Activity: Don’t do what my husband and I did and rush through the program like there is no tomorrow!  (Yes, as I share in Language Challenge 101 – Week Nine, it is possible to get sick from too much language learning!  So watch it!)  It is tempting to do this program quickly since the program is so captivating.  Try to pace yourself so that you will take time to learn the vocabulary along the way before moving onto the next episode.  I would recommend doing one episode a week, two a week at the most.
  • Destinos: If you would like something that includes written and audio activities as well as the video component, then consider purchasing Destinos.  I go over the whole list of products that you need in Language Challenge 101 – Week Five.  You can get everything you need from Amazon.  This program is not as captivating as Mi Vida Loca and you need to be prepared to set aside some time to do the written assignments before moving onto the next lesson.  This is what has been difficult for me and why I haven’t been able to move on very quickly.  However, I think Destinos is a fantastic program and I highly recommend it.
    • Activity: Plan to do one lesson a week of Destinos.  You should follow the instructions in the textbook as it will prepare you for the video and then lead you through the activities you can do afterward.  The assumption is that you will be learning Spanish in a classroom situation so some of the activities that require that you work with someone else can be done with a spouse or even your kids.  My 9 and 7 year old sons have been doing the whole program with me!
  • Mango Languages: We have access to this audio-visual program for free via our library.  My husband really enjoys it since it fits into his need to jump right into a language using full sentences.  For me it is just too boring.
    • Activity: If you like to use programs that build upon vocabulary and sentences, this might be perfect for you.  Make sure to set aside quiet time for this.  It is not something that is necessarily done interactively and your kids will probably not be very interested in it.

Phase Two Overview: Doing the above should keep you busy for quite some time.  Remember that along the whole way you should be continuing to read books in Spanish to your kids.  As your vocabulary improves, you will be able to understand more and can pass on more to your children.  Plus, since you are exposing them to what you are learning, they might even be teaching you words and phrases as well.  This is why doing it as a family is so fantastic!

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