Get Your Bilingual Child Talking With a Monolingual Teddy

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Multilingual Living reader, Maria, sent in the following language learning activity that she is doing with her son!  They are a bilingual family so this fun and interactive language activity helps them add in yet another language into their daily lives.

She was inspired by the One Hour a Day of Language Learning post to finally add in that third language.  Have you read that post yet?  Read it an get inspired to use Maria’s language activity in your home!

Thank you Maria for taking the time to send in this wonderful suggestion!

We are already a bilingual family (my husband is Italian and I am Russian), so our son has always heard two languages, but we were never sure when to start with English.  After reading your articles about one-hour-a-day language, we decided to start!

I took an “English” teddy bear, bought some books in English and we started to play.  When the teddy bear is with us, we should only speak English.

Now when my child realizes I am too busy to play with him, he takes this teddy bear and demands me to speak in English!

I can say he loves this and remembers everything very quickly.

In addition, he started to talk much more in all three languages.

Do you have a language activity that you’d like to share?
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