Multilingual Living’s Week in Review – Sept 26

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This is a review of the interesting articles, Tweets, Facebook posts and more which took place this week in and around our Multilingual Living universe. Thank you everyone for sharing your tips with me! Keep them coming!

Myths of Second Language Acquisition

Do you know who Judie Haynes is?  If you don’t, it probably is because you don’t run with the English Language Learners crowd where Judie is known very well.

Back in the early days of Multilingual Living Magazine, I contacted Judie to ask if I could reprint a few of her fantastic lessons.  She was helpful, generous and very supportive of our efforts to spread the word about the joys of multilingualism.  So it was with great delight that I found her so very active in the Twitter and Facebook communities once I started getting more active there.  She is an invaluable source of information, insight and real-world wisdom.

This week Judie gave a free online webinar titled Myths of Second Language Acquisition.  It was fantastic!  It was aimed at teachers of English Language Learning students but the information in the webinar is valuable for families raising children in more than one language as well!  I especially enjoyed the True or False sections of the webinar – fantastic idea!  Check out this webinar and let me know what you think.

September Bilingual Blogging Carnival!

It is that time again!  The Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism is back again after a month’s break.  Make sure to head over to Fab Mums and see the list of fantastic posts all about our favorite topic: multilingualism!

Would you like to join in the fun?  It is easy and a wonderful way to hook up with some like-minded families.  Start by viewing the carnival schedule and then sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date on goings on.  If you would like to host a carnival, contact Letizia at Bilingual For Fun who will get you set up.  Multilingual Living will be hosting in October – can’t wait!

Multilingualism in Our Schools

United States Representative from California, Judy Chu, firmly believes that “neglecting foreign language instruction prevents students from realizing their full worth.”  It is for this and other reasons that she is supporting two acts: the Providing Resources to Improve Dual Language Education (PRIDE) Act and the Global Languages Early Education (GLEE) Act.  Click Here to read her full post.

It is my greatest hope that we can one day separate immigration fears from multilingualism.  Based on the list of negative and uninformed comments after Rep. Judy Chu’s post, it is clear that we haven’t made it very far in that direction.

European Day of Languages

September is the European Day of Languages.  Countries throughout Europe will be celebrating this day for the 10th time this year!  Head over to the BBC page to learn more about this celebration and how you can get involved.  You can even search the EDL calendar of events or see what happened in past years!

While there, check out these neat links:

  • BBC Schools – learning resources for kids at home and at school

And while there, check out the BBC’s extensive line-up of language learning programs – all free!

What Is Your Favorite Song?

What a fantastic list of songs listed on the Multilingual Living Facebook page on Sept. 20th!  If you are looking for songs to sing to or with your children, check out the list!  Many can be found on YouTube (I’ve done some searches).  And while on the Facebook page, click the LIKE button if you enjoy the conversations going on there! We always get a boost when someone else joins our Multilingual Living world.

But before you start singing, read this great article written by Susanna Zaraysky about how music can help us become multilingual!


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1 Brian Barker September 26, 2010 at 5:11 am

With regard to the European Day of Languages 2010, you may be interested to know that several British schools have introduced Esperanto in order to test its propaedeutic value.

You can see details on

The Council of Europe has also provided some phrases and expressions in Esperanto, which you can see here


2 Corey November 19, 2010 at 10:02 pm

Thank you for the comment, Brian! Oliver Kim who takes care of all of the website back-end magic is really into Esperanto. He even included some fantastic lessons in Multilingual Living Magazine! They were so much fun. I admit that I haven’t gotten into Esperanto enough but I love the whole idea of a language that we can easy pick up and use as a common-ground forum for communication. Thank you for sharing the links! I’m sure if you make a comment about Esperanto in the Multilingual Living Forum ( then Oliver will see it and respond back – he is always looking for more Esperanto speakers!


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