Multilingual Living’s Week in Review – Sept 19

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Speech-Language Therapist Training with Multilingual Kids

Did you know that most speech-language therapists do not get any special training for working with bilingual and multilingual children?  What this means is that families like ours need to be especially alert when making a connection with a new speech-language therapist.

There are many misconceptions out there about multiple languages being “difficult” or a “burden” on children.  Many speech-language therapists were taught this as well.  If your child is seeing a speech-language therapist, read this week’s post from Madalena and do what you can to inform yourself about languages and clinical diagnoses.  The Multilingualism & Disorders series is specifically intended to help answer these sorts of questions!

Where Oh Where Has Body Hair Gone?

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with multilingualism but I couldn’t help but ask followers on the Multilingual Living Facebook page about how cultures around the world view female body hair (primarily legs and underarms).

What I find extremely fascinating about the Multilingual Living Facebook discussion on this is how universally despised female body hair is, regardless of culture.  Yet how much is personal taste and how much cultural influence?  And if we respond this way to something as natural as body hair, what does this say about our responses to other basic elements of humanity: language, race, gender, and more?  What do we take as universal truths even when they are as contrived as the marketing that first encouraged us to believe them?

Check out the Sept. 18th wall post on the Facebook page for a detailed discussion on the lengths us women go to remove the hated body hair.  Do you find these rituals fabulous or ridiculous?  What will you pass on to your daughter with regard to body hair?  And what is this I am reading on the Facebook page about men shaving their arms and legs (and I’m not talking about professional bicyclists)?  Now I am really curious!

I encourage you to head over to the Multilingual Living Facebook page to add your 2 cents – and while there please click the LIKE button if you enjoy what you see!  We would love to know that you are having as much fun with multilingualism over there as we are!

This Week in Cyberspace

  • Culture wires the brain:  Check out the abstract of this paper from Perspectives on Psychological Science. “There is clear evidence that sustained experiences may affect both brain structure and function. Thus, it is quite reasonable to posit that sustained exposure to a set of cultural experiences and behavioral practices will affect neural structure and function.”
  • Travel with Children: a nice list of links to check out from Lonely Planet if you are planning on traveling with children.
  • Learning Zone from BBC: Do a search for anything you want to learn and see what comes up. I did some searches for Spanish and was delighted!

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Walls turned sideways are bridges – Angela Davis

Do you have any tips, suggestions or information that you would like to share with us at Multilingual Living?  Join me on Twitter, get into the conversation on the Multilingual Living Facebook page, and send me an email whenever you’d like to connect.  I always enjoy connecting with other bilingual and multilingual families!

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