Language Challenge 101 – Week Nine

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¡Hola, amigos!

Welcome to week nine of Multilingual Living’s Language Challenge 101 – learning a language over the course of 101 days. If you missed our first few weeks, just click on the Language Challenge 101 button on the very left of this website page and you’ll find everything we have done so far.

The Video Diary

Here is this week’s video diary.  It was a day late but worth it because…

  • I have some interesting news about what we did last evening as a family that really gave a boost to our Spanish!  Thank you for your encouragement to finally do this!
  • I tell you why Spanish made me ill this past weekend!  I ended up on the sofa for a whole day in siesta-mode and then turned to Deutsche Welle for the first time in years to recover!  I’ll tell you why.

The Pressure Is On

I’m not sure if this post is the beginning of week nine or the end of week nine but either way, time is moving along!  I sat down and wrote out some of the things we have done these past two months:

  1. We start by searching out free materials from the library.  Bringing home as many as we can check out (50 at a time).
  2. I start recording our language learning in weekly video diaries (and set up a YouTube account).
  3. My husband starts learning Spanish online with Mango Languages (free from the library).
  4. The kids and I start watching DVDs and reading books from the library even though we don’t understand most of the words.
  5. We start searching out good kids’ videos in Spanish on YouTube such as Pocoyo en Español.
  6. The kids start creating their own skits in Spanish: The Theft of the Golden Idol.
  7. We pick out a few books we really like (such as the Ardilla Miedosa books), translate them into English so that we understand them, and then read them over and over  and over again.
  8. My husband and I start researching Spanish language learning materials and resources for adult Spanish language learning.
  9. We purchase the Destinos textbook, textbook CDs and workbook from the University of Washington bookstore.  We order the workbook CDs from Amazon.
  10. We become addicted to Mi Vida Loca as a family – everyone is learning Spanish together!

What an exciting ride!  What is neat is that I think we have done things in a great sequence of events, despite the fact that we didn’t have much of a plan at all (even though I always encourage all of you to have a plan – I know, I know, I’m bad!  Do as I say, not as I do, right?).

We started by getting excited about Spanish and trying out a bunch of different things – listening to a lot of Spanish, watching a lot of DVDs, reading books with totally incorrect pronunciation.

We have kept it fun by going with the flow.  We have certain goals but they are fluid and flexible – as they always should be with language learning!  It is hard to truly assess if we are progressing.  Instead we take it one day at a time: one more chapter, one more Mi Vida Loca episode, one more DVD.  If we feel that things are getting boring or exhausting, we change gears.

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1 Susan September 10, 2010 at 11:14 am

Thanks for sharing all these resources with us! It is a great help…I especially like that Mi Vida Loca link.



2 Corey September 10, 2010 at 11:42 pm

Thank you for your feedback, Susan! It is always such a delight to know that it benefits others! You have to watch my video in the post to hear my warning about Mi Vida Loca! It can be dangerous to your health. 🙂

I enjoy visiting your blog. What lovely photos you always have! Thanks for sharing bits of your life with all of us!


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