Multilingual Living’s Week in Review – Aug 29

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How Do You Sneeze?

Don’t we all say “Ah-choo!” when we sneeze?  What, you don’t!?  Why, of course you don’t!

On August 24th, I posted this article (thank you @mayumiura for the link!) about what people say when they sneeze on the Multilingual Living Facebook page and parents around the world shared their own.  I enjoyed these responses so very much!  Mainly because I had never, ever thought about this.  Talk about being glued to the Facebook page all day!

See if you can figure out where they following are said when sneezing (then go to the Multilingual Living Facebook page for August 24th to find out if you are right!):

  • “we must cover our nose with our hand or tisu and say “Alhamdullillah,” which means ‘Praise to Allah.’ “ (from Yunisrina)
  • “Apchih” (from Juliet)
  • “achuuuu” (from Yadira & Marcela & Ada)
  • “Hapčí!” (from Margareta) ‎
  • “Live long” (translation – from Ebru)
  • “atchim!” (from Erica)

And in which country/language are these responses said after you sneeze:

  • “salud” (from Marcela & Ada)
  • “salute” (from Martina)
  • “saúde” (from Erica)
  • “Together” or “Hope you will see [me live] too” (translation – from Ebru)

In the News

Here is a sampling of some interesting stories that came my way this week (join me on Twitter to keep up with the news!):

Thank You for Your Encouragement!

I had a frustratingly slow week of Spanish language learning last week, which I share with you in my Language Challenge 101 – Week Seven video diary.  Thank you everyone for giving me the encouragement that I needed.  It was such a lovely breath of fresh air having you remind me about the joys of language learning!  This reminded me of the value of the discussion, communication and support that Multilingual Living gives to all of us.  I need this community as much as you do.  ¡Gracias!

Do you have any tips, suggestions or information that you would like to share with us at Multilingual Living?  Join me on Twitter, get into the conversation on the Multilingual Living Facebook page, and send me an email whenever you’d like to connect.  I always enjoy connecting with other bilingual and multilingual families!

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