Language Challenge 101 – Week Seven

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¡Hola, amigos!

Welcome to week seven of Multilingual Living’s Language Challenge 101 – learning a language over the course of 101 days. If you missed our first few weeks, just click on the Language Challenge 101 button on the very left of this website page and you’ll find everything we have done so far.

In this week’s video diary, I ask for your help. Maybe you can take a moment to get me back on track?

I also share some recommended resources from this week and some local tips that you might be able to take advantage of in your community.  I also explain why I have not yet attended any of the Spanish story time events at our local libraries.  Can you understand why I have been hesitating?  Or am I just being silly?  What do you think?

(NOTE: If the video doesn’t show below, it is because it is still processing at our YouTube site – come back soon to view it!)

Listen ‘n’ Learn Spanish

We found a great book titled Listen ‘n’ Learn Spanish at the library and although we haven’t tried it out yet, the whole concept sounds fascinating.  Basically it helps individuals learn Spanish through watching movies!  You can hear what I have to say about it in this week’s video diary.

The beginning of the book lists 600 core words that we are supposed to learn before starting the program.  I am certain this will be useful words and phrases to learn: the book claims, “Eighty percent of the Spanish used in these 20 movies is made up of about 600 words and phrases.”  If that much of the movies consists of this core vocabulary then probably much of every day speech consists of a similar percentage.  I can’t imagine how it couldn’t be helpful one way or another.

Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)

As I mention in the video diary, a few weeks ago my friend Maria suggested that my husband and I check out the BBC’s Mi Vida Loca.  Her husband went through the whole series and he told me in person that he enjoyed it.

I finally checked it out this week.  Wow, what a fabulous production!  Just listen to the introduction music and check out the site –  and you will be hooked!  As the website says, “Real Spanish.  Real Drama.”  Oh yea, bring it on!  Between this and Destinos, I have no excuse not to keep myself continually immersed in Spanish and loving every minute of it!  Could this be any more enjoyable?

Let me know what you think of Mi Vida Loca and we can compare notes.

What Will It Take?

I know I am just being silly with my reasons for not attending local Spanish-language events (see the video diary).  But that is the way we are sometimes, isn’t it?  It is hard to take that first step.  I won’t know anyone.  I fear I’ll feel like an outsider.  They will think I’m one of those moms – you know the ones I mean.

Please give me some tips on how to overcome this hesitation!


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1 Susan August 28, 2010 at 12:26 am

You definitely need to be easier on yourself and your language learning. I am amazed by all that you do! You have three children, you work 30 hours a weeks, you are homeschooling your kids, and you run this website. I don’t know how you find any time for Spanish. You have inspired me to learn German. I always made the excuse that I didn’t have time with work and the kids, but you have a lot more on your plate than I do. I decided to just accept that I may only study a little at a time, but there is no hurry. I run about five days a week. I plan to listen to German at least two of those days. I love the Pimsleur method since I don’t need a book. I may only do an hour a week, but that is a great start. Thanks for motivating me. My progress will be slow and steady, but at least I will be learning.


2 Corey August 30, 2010 at 10:53 pm

Thank you so much for your comment, Susan! And to know that our Language Challenge 101 experiences have encouraged you to learn German – oh, that makes me teary-eyed. Thank you for letting me know. Funny how things work but the more I know that people are inspired in turn inspires me back! The magic of connection and conversation – so lovely!

You are totally right: one step at a time, one day at a time. We make progress bit by bit and enjoy smelling the roses along the way. Your comment inspired us to get the Pimsleur CDs from the library (all 500,000 of them – LOL, ok, not that many but the whole set because the librarian was very eager to help us out). It is great to have so many avenues for Spanish exposure – while cooking, visually with Destinos and Mi Vida Loca, written with Destinos. I actually finished the first lesson in Destinos this week and THREE episodes of Mi Vida Loca! Woohoo!

Here’s a big high-five to you on your German. Love having you along for this adventure and your encouragement! Right back atcha!


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