Please Say Hello to Our New Friend: Discussion Forum

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It is with pleasure and delight that I introduce a new addition to the Multilingual Living family.  It is a baby of sorts – one that will need care and attention.  A budding fellow traveler along the path of living life more multilingually.

Please say hola, 你好, namaskar, góðan dag, bonjour, नमस्ते, sal, dia duit, γεια σου, hyvää päivää, おはよう ございます, shwmae to our young, vibrant, enthusiastically multilingual friend: Multilingual Living Discussion Forum.

Readers Know Best

I was not convinced that we needed a discussion forum.  What with Facebook and Twitter and the ability to leave comments to posts, who needs a discussion forum!  But Facebook friends convinced me that having one around was a good idea and I am so very thankful and happy that you did.  You were right!  I am enjoying it so much already and it is only in its infancy.  In fact, I can’t even remember what life was like before our friend Discussion Forum was part of our Multilingual Living tribe.  Life before seems so lonely, so isolated, so disconnected, so average.

Get to Know Discussion Form

To get to know our friend Discussion Forum better, you can click on the tab at the top of this website page each time you visit Multilingual Living or just follow the direct link:

To read the latest Discussion Forum posts, just look on the right sidebar while reading any Multilingual Living page – they are right at your fingertips.  Isn’t that fantastic!  You can also see the latest Discussion Posts at the beginning of the main Discussion Forum page.

We have tried to include the main topics that parents and teachers of multilingual children might be most interested in discussing: introductions, questions about raising bilingual/multilingual children, sharing useful links and tips, selling/buying/giving away/trading resources in different languages, and more.  If we have missed anything, especially resources that you teachers might want, let us know!

Thank You!

Thank you everyone for insisting that we have this central location for discussion, communication and contact (in any language you choose!) in addition what we have at Facebook and Twitter.  Those two locations will definitely still continue to be active sources for connecting and sharing – each plays an important role in how we connect and communicate (plus, I think I am addicted to them now).

That is what I find so wonderful about our multilingual community – we find so many ways to engage with one another!  One communication medium just isn’t enough.  We are multimedia multilinguals!

Let the Evolution Begin

As with all good forums, we expect that the Multilingual Living Discussion Forum will evolve and develop based on participants’ interests, questions, answers, tips and wisdom.  This forum is still in its infancy and needs some tender loving care and attention.  Please help keep it alive and kicking.

I am excited already to see how it meanders and grows through everyone’s involvement!  Please make it a place that you feel comfortable sharing your questions, wisdom and tips – a place you enjoy visiting.  And if it isn’t, then let us or your fellow forum participants know what would make it more conducive to the kind of gathering of multilingual minds and hearts that you envision.  Together we will make it wonderful!

If you aren’t sure where to start in the Multilingual Living Discussion Forum, how about posting your introduction?  Or maybe a question that has been on your mind?

Corey Heller is the founder of Multilingual Living and the Editor-In-Chief/Publisher of Multilingual Living Magazine. Multilingual Living is the place where she shares her knowledge about raising multilingual and multicultural children. Corey, an American, and her German husband live in Seattle where they raise and homeschool their three children, ages 15, 14 and 12, in German and English.

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