Multilingual Living’s Week in Review – Aug 15

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This is a review of the interesting articles, Twitters, Facebook posts and more which took place this week in and around our Multilingual Living universe. Thank you everyone for sharing your tips with me! Keep them coming!

Our Children Living Languages

There was a wonderful discussion post this week from Kimberly on the Facebook page.  She shared her son’s experiences at French ice hockey camp.  What a wonderful way to combine something her son loves with language immersion.  Talk about helping to keep the language need alive!  Heidi also shared her son’s language burst at the Concordia Language Villages.
Do you have similar stories or suggestions to share?  Let us know in the comments section of this post or head over to the Facebook page and add your comment to the discussion!


Does your life include XIHA Life?  I have been checking it out a bit but it was after Gwen posted on the Multilingual Living Facebook wall that I gave it a good looking over.  It is truly fascinating!  Gwen says, “It started as a gaming site but it’s grown to 100K’s users from all over the world. It’s awesome for people like me with friends all over. I travel a lot so it’s much easier to keep in touch with friends on Xiha.”
Are any of you XIHA Life members?  Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

Speaking in Tongues

This week my family and I were delighted to have the opportunity to watch Speaking in Tongues on our local PBS station!  It is an amazing film which no bilingual, multilingual or monolingual family should miss!  My husband, kids and I were touched, inspired and amazed with the stories of four San Francisco children enrolled in Spanish or Chinese immersion schools.  If you can find a way to see this movie, do so!  You will not be disappointed!  Here is a great review if you would like to learn more.  And here is the Speaking in Tongues website.


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