Language Challenge 101 – Week Five

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Taking the First Step

As I say in the video diary, we have had the Destinos items for a while now but still haven’t taking the step to get started.  Why?  It is hard to say but I think it has to do with the fact that Destinos demands that we set aside some time privately to read the text book, watch the video and do the workbook.  I want to do it!  I think about doing it all the time!  But I just don’t seem to make it happen.

This coming week is going to be about taking the first step: figuring out a day and time when I can sequester myself upstairs with my laptop and our Destinos books.  No distractions.  No children asking me questions about anything.  Just me and Destinos.  And the same needs to be planned for my husband.  The second step is actually doing it but that will come if my husband and I can make the first step take place.

Ardilla Miedosa

We love Ardilla Miedosa!  Need I say more?  We read other books in Spanish each day but the Ardilla Miedosa books are our absolute favorites.  These books fit that category of book where you’d enjoy it in any language, even if you couldn’t understand it!  The illustrations are adorable and the story is hilarious (once you understand what it is all about).

  • Ardilla Miedosa encuentra un amigo (“Scaredy Squirrel makes a friend”): Poor Ardilla Miedosa.  He is struggling with the dilemma of wanting a friend yet will only consider those who fit his perfect criteria.  In the end, he realizes that his best friend is a creature that didn’t fit any of his specifications.
  • Ardilla Miedosa en la noche (“Scaredy Squirrel at night”): Another difficult situation for Ardilla Miedosa – he can’t fall asleep!  He is having bad dreams.  Will his lists and plan to stay awake all night solve everything?

Theft of the Golden Idol – Part Three

The bad guys have reached the Mexico City Museum of Natural History.  Will they be able to steal the ídolo de oro?  Or will the police catch the daring theives?  Find out in the third episode of the Theft of the Golden Idol!

What do you think about our Language Challenge 101?  Are you doing one of your own?  Is ours inspiring you to jump on the band wagon and get started?

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1 Karolena August 13, 2010 at 9:30 am

That was a great skit about the idolo de oro! I’m enjoying your posts about Language Challenge 101, and it has definitely inspired me to buckle down and try focusing more on ways to expand my language learning. I’ve been studying my third language through classes offered through a continuing education department at a university, but unfortunately it’s been a year since those have been discontinued for my level of language. I’ve been encouraged by your family’s enthusiasm to keep trying through various other methods such as my own textbooks, DVD’s, CD’s, YouTube, and on-line resources. Thanks!

Also, your Spanish translations for the skits are pretty good. The only thing I would change is the phrase in this third installment when the guards say, “El idolo es ido” – I think it would be better to say “El idolo se fue” or “Se (nos) fue el idolo” which literally means “The idol left (us)” but that’s the phrasing that is used when you lose, misplace or miss something (Se me fue el bus – I missed the bus).


2 Corey August 16, 2010 at 10:31 pm

Thank you for your comment, Karolena, and your translation! We love to have better translations! My hope is that as we learn more, we will be able to incorporate what we learn into the skits. Today the kids were at the sofa doing a puppet show in Spanish – hah! It is amazing when and where the Spanish comes out with them. They are really enjoying it but in their own ways.

I am so delighted that our Language Challenge has been an inspiration for you to stick with your language learning. It makes our language learning even more fun as well to know that others are getting inspired!


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