Multilingual Living’s Week in Review – Aug 8

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This is a review of the interesting articles, Twitters, Facebook posts and more which took place this week in and around our Multilingual Living universe. Thank you everyone for sharing your tips with me! Keep them coming!

Raising Bilingual Children Seminar

If you live in the Seattle area, you are lucky indeed!  Why?  Because you can attend my Raising Bilingual Children seminar at Bellevue College on October 16th!  It is three hours of information, discussion, tips and more.  Hope you can make it!

The Poor Letter V

I’m convinced that the letter V is the black sheep of the alphabet.  No one seems to know what to do with this little letter.  It’s cousins, W and U, seem to have found their places.  U is even a vowel – which makes him part of the governing body of the whole alphabet.

We had a fascinating discussion on the Multilingual Living Facebook page, about how to pronounce the letters V and B in Spanish.  Being that we are into Week Four of our Language Challenge 101, it seemed imperative that my husband and I get the whole V situation worked out.  I think I’m a little more confused than before but in a good way – in that “ok, so it isn’t necessarily 100% clear so I’m doing fine” way.

You Say Arepas and I Say Ngomi

What do you call your pancakes?  Are they fluffy or thin?  Made out of wheat flour or millet flour?  Pancakes are so simple yet how we make them and eat them define us culturally in so many ways.  Facebook Friends fascinated us all with so many possible variations.  Wow!

Language and Dementia

Facebook friend Alana shared her touching blog about her multilingual mother dealing with dementia, a woman who used to speak 4 different languages: German, English, French and Spanish.  It makes me realize how important language and culture must be for people dealing with a disease like this.


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