Language Challenge 101 – Week Three

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Dual language books

We really got into our dual language Spanish-English books this week.  These make it so much easier for the kids and I to understand what is going on.  I would read each sentence in Spanish and ask the kids if they understood what it meant.  Often none of us knew what a sentence meant (which my kids thought was a bunch of fun).  But as it was also in English, I then read the English sentence and we had our “ah-hah”  moments where we realized what some Spanish words meant.

I have a bunch of sample dual-language English/Spanish books from Raven Tree Press which were sent to me over the course of the years.  The drawings are fabulous and most of the stories are equally impressive.  Now that we are learning Spanish, I really appreciate them!

Lego Skits

It is amazing how motivating something like a skit can be!  My kids adore their Legos and have such a wonderful time thinking up what will happen in each skit.  The only stipulation I have set is that the final skit must be in Spanish.  My kids say they want to go back and do them all in German and English, something that I think will be a blast to do!

We start by writing everything out in English or German and then look up Spanish translations online.  As some of the sentences are fairly complex, I print out the dialog for them and they read it off the page.  We practice a few times and then do the video.  Ideally they would practice it for a few days but we often don’t get around to the video until Thursday morning.

Sometimes the kids will change the original dialog if they find something interesting or fun online that they’d rather use.  For example, in Part Two of  The Theft of the Golden Idol we found a list of things someone can ask to have done at the gas station.  My kids wanted to include many from the list.  They thought it was so funny that the bad guys would stop at the gas station on their way to a theft and ask to have their big truck serviced!

You can see the next installment of The Theft of the Golden Idol below (keep an eye out for a cameo appearance from Wiki der Wikinger – who joined our family from an Überraschungsei right before heading back from Germany to Seattle last year):

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1 Karen July 30, 2010 at 10:48 am

You guys are so inspiring!


2 Corey July 30, 2010 at 10:54 pm

Awww, thank you! Well, it is sites like yours that helps keep us moving along in this language adventure! We are having an even better time knowing that others are cheering us on (and even doing their own Language Challenge-ing 101). So glad to have your encouraging comments!!


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