Multilingual Living’s Week in Review – June 12

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This is a review of the interesting articles, Twitters, Facebook posts and more which took place this week in and around our Multilingual Living universe.  Thank you everyone for sharing your tips with me!  Keep them coming!

World Cup Mania

With the World Cup South Africa 2010 starting this week, things were in full swing on the Multilingal Living Facebook page! In addition to the sites listed in my article Bilingual Homeschooling: World Cup Language Learning, Facebook friends suggested the following:

For those in the United States who don’t have ESPN and are searching for ways to view the matches, here are some ideas provided by friends on Facebook:

The Pleasant Revolution – European Tour

  • If you live in Europe, keep an eye out for a band of bicycling musicians passing through your town.  They carry ALL of their instruments, clothing, food, and themselves via bicycle.  The sound system at the performances are generated by pedal-power – generators attached to the bicycles!  If you see them, say hello to my brother who is a guitarist and the technology geek.

Interesting links which came through via Twitter:

Stories of Interest in the News:

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