Language Activity: ¿Qué hora es elefante?

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This language activity was sent in by Jennifer Manriquez, a bilingual mom and founder of Bilingual Fun. You probably remember her and her products from our reviews in Multilingual Living Magazine.  Thank you for this tip, Jennifer!

Here is a Spanish language activity that you can play outdoors this summer. It can easily be changed for whichever target language you are reinforcing:

¿Qué hora es elefante? (What time is it elephant?)

We just happen to have play elephant ears for this game (you can change it to any animal  you choose). It is the standard game of “What time is it Mr. Fox?” Kids have to ask ‘ ¿qué hora es? (what time is it?).  The child who is “elefante” has to give answer “son las tres” (it is 3) and kids take three steps.

When “elefante” says “medianoche” (midnight), kids turn and run back to starting line and “elefante” has to chase them.  This is a fun activity because it allows the children to speak and reinforce time phrases.

Share your language activity and we will give you all of the credit!  CLICK HERE to send it in.

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