How Many Languages Are Too Many for My Multilingual Child?

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How many languages are too many?

The child will speak as many languages as s/he needs to communicate with her environment. That can mean 3, 4, even 5 languages. There is no such thing as limited space in the brain, or languages in competition with one another.  If being multilingual caused verbal or mental problems, then the majority of the world would be very ill indeed!  The limit to your children’s languages should be based on need, enjoyment and exposure.  How often will your children be able to hear each language and use it?  If you or your spouse is not around your child very often, then the chances are that your child will avoid speaking that language since he won’t have as much of a mastery over it as his other languages.  He may learn to read and write in some of his languages but not all of them – this doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be exposed to all of the languages.  Even a passive grasp of a language is a wonderful gift!

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1 chitrhabhanu thekkedath August 1, 2013 at 10:31 am

Children are multilingual. They speak as many as languages that’s required.


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