Can We Teach Our Child a Third Language While Learning It Ourselves?

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Neither my spouse nor I speak the third language.  As we learn the language, can we teach our child a third language anyway so all of us become trilingual?

It can’t harm to try!  But do a reality check with regards to your goals: If your aim is to achieve native-like fluency in all three languages, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. If there’s no actual need for your child to speak the language other than you just wanting her to learn it, she will most likely only grasp a passive command of it – which is better than nothing at all!  And who knows, she may even start chatting a few sentences and using words in her every day discussions. Ways to do it: How about having a Spanish hour in the afternoon?  Meet up with other families.  Sign up for a family-friendly language learning program!

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