Can I Teach My Child a Language With DVDs, Videos and Books?

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I don’t speak the language, but can I help my child learn it by using only DVDs, videos and books?

DVDs and videos alone won’t teach a language, but it certainly can’t harm to try. At best it will sensitize the child to foreign sounds and help him acquire a passive knowledge of the language. What might work better is actual interaction in the language, which might be a challenge if you cannot speak it yourself. Nevertheless, you want to introduce a third language. So what can you do?  How about a language playgroup which is open to non-native speakers? Maybe creating a specific time each day when  your child practices the language? Is there a language school in your town?  I know a Korean language student who has everything in her house, furniture, walls, doors labeled with post-it notes to facilitate the learning of vocabulary: ‘This is a chair’ is stuck on the chair, etc.  Just make sure that in your enthusiasm to “teach” another language you don’t lose your sense of play by setting your expectations too high!

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