Why Is Multilingual Snuggling So Important?

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Remember that multilingual children associate their different languages and cultures with more than just words and holiday events.

Snuggle with your child on the sofa speaking with them in your language and you are helping your child’s multilingual brain associate your language with love and comfort.  Tell your multilingual children humorous, touching stories about your own youth and your child will connect her multilingualism with safety, joy and pleasure.

Each time you share loving connections with your multilingual children while speaking your language, you are creating associations of warmth, comfort and familiarity which can last a lifetime.

Years later your multilingual children will remember these special times that you spend with them.  Your language, as well as your stories about who you are, will be an integral part of their fondest memories.

How are you sharing language and love with your multilingual children?
Were you raised multilingually?  If so, what are your favorite multilingual memories?

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