Teach Your Multilingual Child Directions in Your Language!

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In this activity, not only will you be sharing vocabulary with your multilingual children, you will be helping them learn a sense of multilingual direction!

Whenever you can, incorporate movement and orientation vocabulary in your language.  When turning right, ask your child, “Which way are we headed now, left (point your arm to the left), or right (point your arm to the right), or straight ahead (point your arm straight in front of you)?”  This gets your child hearing and interacting with the vocabulary, even if they aren’t saying the words themselves.  Your bilingual child’s brain is filling up with so many new words!

You can do the same in the following situations: while riding in the car, climbing UP and DOWN stairs or jumping UP and DOWN or putting arms UP in the air and DOWN on the floor, pushing something ACROSS the table or pushing the stroller ACROSS the street.  Incorporate multilingualism in as many opportunities as you can.

Feel free to ask a lot of silly questions in your language throughout the day: “Is the dog sitting on his pillow or under his pillow?”  Often your child will laugh and say, “You’re silly, dad, he is sitting on his pillow!”  Using humor in such situations helps your child enjoy becoming multilingual in so many wonderful ways!

What orientation words do you use with your bilingual child?  Does your language have any unique ways of describing direction?

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