Teach Your Child Multilingual Measurements!

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What in the world are multilingual measurements!?  It’s all about getting your multilingual children into the kitchen (or the dirt) to use their unique language skills!

Having your children help you in the kitchen can really help get their multilingual brain cells multiplying.  While making different meals, have your children measure out the different ingredients.  Yes, this can a bit tricky, but also a lot of fun and totally worth the multilingual math that can take place, especially if the measurements are completely different between your multilingual child’s languages.

Explain to your multilingual children in your language all of the different measuring systems that you incorporate: show them what a measuring cup is and then explain to them that a half-cup is half of a full cup, etc.  Let them hold the tablespoon and teaspoon set and show them how to measure out sugar and flour while explaining the different spoon sizes.

You might even give your multilingual child an old set of measuring cups and spoons so that he can play with them in water, sand or dirt.  Your child might even start using the multilingual terminology without you even encouraging them: “Look Mama, a quarter-cup of dirt!”  “Mmmmm, look at those great mud-pies – exactly half a cup of sand, three teaspoons of dirt and one quart of water, right?”

There are so many ways to incorporate multilingualism in the kitchen!  Inspire us with your favorite multilingual kitchen activites.

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