Teach Your Bilingual Child All About Geography

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Bring out maps and the atlas!  Join your multilingual child in a multilingual journey around the world!

With your maps and atlas open, talk with your multilingual kids about where family members live and places you have visited (with and without your child) throughout your lives.  Make sure to do it all in your multilingual child’s languages!

While talking about the different countries and family members, discuss languages, cultures and habits (including which countries are multilingual!).  Discuss different kinds of land masses, such as hills, mountains, oceans, rivers, streams, plains and how people live in each kind of environment.  You can also add what kinds of animals live in each location and the kinds of food available to them.  Don’t forget to discuss climate patterns such as monsoons, hurricanes, droughts, etc.  A fabulous way to stimulate your multilingual child’s blossoming brain cells!

To get family involved, have family members send digital pictures of what their landscape looks like and the places they have visited.  This expands the multilingual opportunities even more!

Tack a map on the wall and together with your child, mark each place that your multilingual child has discussed.  And for even more fun, join a mailing list where people send postcards to one another.  When the postcards arrive, tack the postcard to the wall and point out where that location is on the map.

Do you have other multilingual activity suggestions similar to this one?  Please share!

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